September 28, 2022
Condemning the Capitol incursion is becoming a litmus test as the FBI quashes those who do not walk in lockstep with the ideology of its leaders, according to Republican Rep....

Condemning the Capitol incursion is becoming a litmus test as the FBI quashes those who do not walk in lockstep with the ideology of its leaders, according to Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Jordan cited the case of a “decorated Iraqi War veteran being run out of the FBI.”

“His allegiance to the country is being questioned because he had the gall to say something that offended the FBI leadership about the Jan. 6 investigation,” Jordan said.

Jordan said the FBI is also coming down on another individual “simply because, on an anonymous questionnaire, they said something that the leadership disagreed with them about Jan. 6.”

Host Laura Ingraham noted that “one employee reportedly had a security clearance taken away.”


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Jordan said that there is growing evidence the FBI is being used as a form of political thought police, beginning with efforts to clamp down on parental dissent at school board meetings.

“I point out that we now have had six agents come forward as whistleblowers — two on the school boards narrative … and four now, regarding Jan. 6. That is a concern to us, but we’ve had literally a half-a-dozen FBI agents come to our committee,” he said.

Jordan said what is taking is “the weaponization of government against your political foes.”

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Jordan made a similar allegation in a letter he sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray last week.

“We continue to investigate allegations that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is retaliating against FBI employees for engaging in disfavored political speech. On May 6, 2022, we sent you a letter that detailed examples of the FBI suspending the security clearances of FBI employees for their participation in protected First Amendment activity. To date, you have failed to acknowledge our letter or begin to arrange for the requested briefing,” Jordan wrote.

“Since our May 6 letter, we have received new protected whistleblower disclosures that suggest the FBI’s actions are far more pervasive than previously known. Multiple whistleblowers have called it a ‘purge’ of FBI employees holding conservative views.”

Jordan cited one FBI whistleblower who shared his “personal views that the FBI was not being entirely forthcoming about the events of Jan. 6.”


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“As a result, the FBI determined that [name retracted] had ‘espoused conspiratorial views’ and ‘promoted unreliable information which indicates support for the events of Jan. 6,’” Jordan wrote, saying that the FBI questioned the FBI employee’s allegiance to the U.S.

He noted that lawyers for the individual disciplined “explained that the FBI’s accusations are a ‘monumental leap from objective fact’ and a ‘distortion’ of [name redacted’s] actions.”

Jordan said attorneys called the disciplinary action a punishment  “for ‘run[ning] afoul of prevailing agency orthodoxy’ while ‘exercising [name redacted’s] First Amendment right of free speech.’”

In the other case Jordan cited on Fox News, he said the employee who was targeted by the FBI leadership was replying to a survey about actions during the incursion.

“We are conducting oversight to ensure the FBI is not retaliating against FBI employees for exercising their First Amendment rights and engaging in disfavored political speech,” Jordan wrote.