April 23, 2024
While "curiosity killed the cat" is the better-known saying, felines aren't the only ones capable of getting themselves into trouble because of their curiosity. Anyone who has been around puppies...

While “curiosity killed the cat” is the better-known saying, felines aren’t the only ones capable of getting themselves into trouble because of their curiosity.

Anyone who has been around puppies knows how mischievous they can be — and as young and inexperienced as they are, they are generally capable of getting themselves into far more trouble than they can get themselves out of.

“Peo” and “Finn,” two shepherd pups, got themselves into an awkward situation on June 19 after their exploring took them deep into a tortoise burrow.

The 100-pound tortoise is named Oscar, and owner Kathleen became concerned when she realized her two dogs were underground, and Oscar was blocking the way, in no hurry to move.

So the San Bernardino County Fire was contacted and made their way out to the very unusual call.


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“Sunday San Bernardino County Fire crews were requested for a unique public service call in Yucca Valley,” the San Bernardino County Fire Facebook page posted on Tuesday.

“Two curious five month old puppies had made their way into a tortoise den and were unable to exit due to a 100 ln tortoise blocking their exit. Residents were worried as the dogs had been in the den for multiple hours and were silent.”

The burrow was impressive, and something Oscar had clearly put a lot of time and effort into. But he was far down in the tunnel, and there was no way to reach him, so the firefighters tried to figure out a way to coax him out.

Many tortoises consider watermelon a very tasty treat, so crews used a chunk of watermelon to try to draw the huge reptile out — but Oscar decided he would rather stay in his den.

So that left the rescuers with no choice but to dig out the dogs as Oscar continued to eye them.

“With Oscar blocking the exit, crews worked to dig an access hole to rescue the dogs,” the post continued. “After an hour of digging crews were able to get the puppies out of the den.

“‘Peo’ and ‘Finn’, were unharmed & happy to reunite with their dog mom Kathleen.

“We are glad we could assist with this unique call & there was such a positive outcome!”


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The video of the rescue shared by the fire department shows the animals’ relieved owner get emotional after the safe return of her pups. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the firefighters, who seemed happy to have helped.

According to a post by the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, this wasn’t the first time the nosey puppies needed a helping hand.

“These puppies were originally rescued from a trash bin!” the rescue posted. “They have been rescued TWICE!”

Hopefully, Peo and Finn will be a little more cautious in their future escapades — but at only five months old, they’ve got plenty of time to get into more trouble.

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