May 20, 2024
In the constitutional republic of the United States of America, truth is not ascertained or defined by a simple majority of votes. A functioning constitutional republic is built on principles...

In the constitutional republic of the United States of America, truth is not ascertained or defined by a simple majority of votes.

A functioning constitutional republic is built on principles — not solely on the will of the majority. Those principles are still there in the Constitution for all Americans to see — that is, for all Americans who have not been blinded by new ideologies that seek to discount those principles.

The Constitution is there to provide checks and balances, to guard against the will of majorities that go rogue under the influence of radical new dogma.

The Constitution is especially important today when the will of a majority is being sapped and manipulated by a woke neo-Marxist ideology that has infiltrated our institutions, our education and legal systems.

This woke poison is being spread through Big Tech and corporate America, through the establishment media and especially through the worst of the mob-like elements dominating social media.


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Towards a one-party state

Most concerning of all, this aberrant ideology has now been imprudently adopted by one of the two major political parties.

One of those parties is even now seeking to destroy, through manipulation of the voters and the voting process itself, the constitutional principles that have until now sustained free speech and secured the integrity of our political institutions, the public square, the workplace, the family.

Even now, a slender majority of ordinary Americans who have forgotten (or who were never taught) the founding principles of the Constitution are being manipulated into converting the nation into a single-party regime that, like others before it, promises the world but brings disaster.

Even now, a significant number of people are being manipulated into forfeiting their independence by accepting and then relying on the welfare benevolence of an ever-expanding government harboring ulterior motives of achieving near-totalitarian control.

The ideological reconfiguration of the Democratic Party has led to the dangerously radical policies of the Biden administration that are deliberately undermining the independence of ordinary Americans.

Individual responsibility undermined

Constitutional liberty and the Founders’ original concept of limited government are workable only if Americans exercise individual responsibility along with individual autonomy.

As the Democrats’ big government borrows to fund bigger and bigger vote-buying welfare spending like the student debt “forgiveness” scheme, it undermines the individual independence and responsibility that the Founders understood were necessary to make the Constitution work.


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It is becoming clear that, for Democrats, wrecking the economy is considered necessary so as to “build back better.” With every crisis, the incumbent government has been able to gain more power and control through adopting emergency measures that are destined to become permanent.

So, what is to be done?

We must overcome distraction politics.

The Democrats’ artful use of distraction, with the full cooperation of both the mainstream and social media, is all set and ready to swing the midterms this November.

As a distraction from Biden’s serious failures in foreign and domestic policy, the whole Mar-a-Lago farce has worked well for the Democrats, as has the disgraceful politicking and grandstanding of the Jan. 6 committee.

Additionally, a spurious charge of business fraud launched by a vindictive New York state attorney general against former President Donald Trump and his children has been cleverly timed to distract voters from Biden’s abysmal record over his half-term in power.

Tactical distraction to influence the elections 

Distraction tactics are being used to turn voters’ attention away from damaging inflation affecting so many families and their ability to feed and house their children. (Inflation at 1.3 percent under Trump has shot up to more than 8 percent today.)

Distraction tactics also direct attention away from the Democrats’ squandering of the nation’s energy independence and the avoidably high fuel and electricity prices that their reckless greenie policies have caused.

Distraction tactics continue to work overtime to divert voters’ attention away from Biden’s unforgivable failure to close the borders and his refusal to protect Americans from fentanyl, which is now the leading cause of death among adults aged 18 to 45.

Distraction tactics are still at work to avoid any real debate about the Democratic policy failures that have resulted in unchecked crime and the deliberate release back onto the streets of criminals who become repeat offenders.

New meaning of the term “acting president”?

Perhaps the most effective of all the Biden administration’s distraction tactics is the daily puppet show that has replaced the traditional White House media briefing.

I’m sure that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is a lovely lady. But currently she is programmed to emerge each day as a star distraction, delivering policies and platitudes in an entertaining way.

With a quaintly childish certainty, she has denounced as “extreme” all those pro-life Americans who want to stop the deliberate killing of our smallest human beings in their mothers’ wombs:

“When you are not with where a majority of Americans are, then, you know, that is extreme. That is an extreme way of thinking.”

Not so.

It is the Biden regime that has embedded a truly extreme way of thinking into a presidential term that has become an extraordinary tragi-comedy of performance politics. The president of the United States of America has become a frontman, albeit with all the good humor and inanity of an excellent puppet show.

Regrettably, Biden is being stage-managed to the nth degree. For a sadly debilitated Joe Biden, it is increasingly a forced performance with feeble jokes issued under a more and more desperate cloak of camaraderie.

In his speeches, as in rare interviews and unscripted replies to impromptu questions, he has given new meaning to the term “acting president.”

It’s time to bring this puppet regime to a halt.

Soon, in the midterm elections, the American people must lift the curtain and call out the ridiculous deception going on here.

There is no virtue in Democratic majorities in Congress continuing to alter constitutional truths and discount individual responsibility.

There is no virtue in accepting compromise on moral principles of equal justice for all, including little daughters and sons in their mothers’ wombs.

There can be no virtue in accommodating the will of the majority when that majority is being manipulated into abysmal error.

When a majority of voters have become captive to a raging ideology run amok, it is the Constitution that must save the United States of America.

All ordinary, sensible Americans who can see behind the Democrats’ curtain of deceit must get out and vote.

The Constitution’s principles must be resurrected for an embattled nation to triumph once again and “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

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