March 3, 2024
Throughout human history, the most powerful force for good has always been the love mothers and fathers have for their children. This love instilled by the Creator is perhaps our...

Throughout human history, the most powerful force for good has always been the love mothers and fathers have for their children.

This love instilled by the Creator is perhaps our greatest gift. In all our human struggles, it comes to the fore. It is always formidable — often heroic.

It was for their children and their children’s children that men and women got on small ships and traveled across perilous seas to try for a better life in unknown lands.

It was for their children that men and women worked so hard, fought valiantly and endured severe privations.

It was for their children that men and women lived heroically and so often gave their own lives.


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And it is this historically invincible force, their love for their children, that must be reinvigorated and deployed today among ordinary American moms and dads.

It is now their urgent task to restore for their children the American Dream which, with the rise of essentially selfish woke ideologies, insidious anti-family legislation, widespread miseducation programs and reckless government spending sprees, is fast falling into the realm of the unattainable.

The discretionary killing of the innocent and the defenseless is never a moral “choice.”

From the first knowledge of each child’s existence, both mothers and fathers have a fundamental duty to accept that child (whether wanted or unwanted) and to commit bravely to caring for and raising their little daughter or son.

There is no other honorable choice.

As their child grows, each parent’s love will grow — it’s the most natural thing in the world. Every child deserves to be loved and cared for by his real mother and his real father. As far as possible, every child deserves the security of a real family and a real marriage.

In the great American tradition, every mother is called to nurture and protect her little daughter or son from conception through birth, infancy and childhood. Every mother is entitled to good neighborly help through pregnancy and post-birth wherever and whenever she needs it.

In the great American tradition, every father must step up to the plate and hit a home run for every one of his children. He must strive to support them, and teach them virtue as well as practical skills. He is sturdily wired by divine providence to protect them, discipline them and love them. He must try his best to set every one of them on the right moral path that will bring them triumphantly to home base in heaven.

Government welfare is no substitute for good mothering and fathering.

As the midterms approach, there is little recognition of any of these truths about our natural human obligations to our children and their basic human right and need for ongoing protection, instruction and love.


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Government welfare programs are no substitute for good mothers and fathers and strong families. Abortion for our children is no substitute for life.

We become a better nation, a stronger nation when men and women learn to commit to marriage, to love and cherish their children, whether initially wanted or unwanted.

In accepting their duties to their children, mothers and fathers grow in responsibility and capability and will find themselves willing and able to do great things for their children and their communities. In responding to their children’s needs, they find new courage and new determination to go on building a great nation.

They can teach their children to love responsibly, reserving sexual intimacy and procreation for marriage to the one they love. In teaching their children to be faithful to their love and to the children conceived in that love, they build stable, caring communities of strong families with sturdy moral principles.

Instead, Democrats are demanding “reproductive rights” to go on aborting children in huge numbers: “Choice is on the ballot this election.” Democrats demand irrationally, “How can we be a free country if the government tries to control women’s bodies?”

The real question that should be asked of the American people in November is, “How can we be a just country if our laws continue to permit the killing of these little unborn daughters and sons while in their mothers’ wombs?”

No ownership of a human being, no matter how small.

Does our culture devalue the family?

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As pregnant mothers, we do not have ownership or killing rights over the small daughters or sons in our wombs.

Instead, for the nine months of pregnancy, we have very real and serious duties to nurture and protect these little ones in our power and under our care. We have a duty to do for each one of them what our own mothers did for us and what our grandmothers did for our mothers, and what all mothers have done for their children going back to the beginning of human life on earth.

In the emergence today of an absurd and false pride, certain big-headed academic elites are bent on deconstructing and toying with our natural sexual roles and duties. With the introduction of deceptive and confusing gender notions and novelties, children are being rendered far more vulnerable to real harm. Children must be protected from inhumane surgeries such as transgender disfigurement.

Abortion on demand is also a cruel disfigurement of defenseless unborn children. The honorable role of naturally and responsibly mothering a child has been foolishly subjected to ideological distortion as a manufacturing process that should be extended to “people without a womb.”

The new language of “pregnant persons” insults the memory of our own mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers. The language of “reproductive rights” that pretends to justify the killing of huge numbers of our smallest human beings in their mothers’ wombs is deceitful.

No child is “our choice” — no child is a reproduction.

There has always been something seriously wrong with the so-called right to abortion. It appears in the “reproductive rights” language that we have all been tricked into using.

The “product” in the word “reproductive” refers disparagingly to a small, real human being.

Reproductive rights are premised on the misunderstanding that the small human being in her or his mother’s womb is a product to be kept or destroyed by the owner of that product — the pregnant mother. But the life of even the smallest pre-born human being is not a “product” being manufactured in a factory.

Rather, as we all know in our hearts, each new human being conceived is a human being already present, already gifted to a mother and a father, already chosen by the Creator to live and to be — rather than not to be.

A human life once begun is a human being already in existence, already God’s choice. Each one is already present, a pure gift of divine providence, a little daughter or son of invaluable human dignity and worth. Though small, each little one is already growing and thriving in each mother’s womb, already vibrantly alive on an exquisitely natural and purposeful journey to birth, to infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.

She or he is not a reproduction. Each priceless little one is a unique, unrepeatable, irreplaceable masterpiece.

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