October 3, 2023
New York City Mayor Eric Adams could run for president in 2024 in an effort to wrest the Democratic Party from the clutches of far-left zealots, according to a new...

New York City Mayor Eric Adams could run for president in 2024 in an effort to wrest the Democratic Party from the clutches of far-left zealots, according to a new report.

The New York Post reported that any campaign would only take place if President Joe Biden does not seek a second term.

“Eric has told me repeatedly that he thinks that he has a platform to run for national office, for president in 2024. He has said that repeatedly. He thinks New York is a national platform. He thinks the national party has gotten too far to the left and he thinks he has a platform to win,” a person close to Adams said, according to the Post.

The Post quoted a Republican it did not name as saying Adams could have a national future if he can reduce New York City’s rampant crime.

“I said you really have to consider that you are young enough where you will have a life after the mayoralty, and if you solve the crime problem there would be a lot of interest in a big-city Democrat African-American with progressive values but who mediated the crime problem in a major city,” the GOP source said.


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“He is one of the best known black elected officials in the country,” said Chris Coffey, co-CEO of the political consulting firm Tusk Strategies. “The play works if Adams makes progress on crime and the president decides not to run. I think he would crazy not to consider it.”

Adams adviser Evan Thies said that for now, Adams has other things on his mind.

“The mayor has not had any conversations with anyone about running for president. He is 100% focused on lowering crime and improving the economy in New York, and bringing this city back,” he said in a statement.

Adams is already expanding his reach, and last week spoke at a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee conference, according to Politico.

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“If we do not have the courage to admit public safety needs police, prosperity needs the private sector, and this country needs big changes, then we will not have the credibility to lead,” Adams said at the conference.

“Mayors don’t have the luxury of talking about problems — they have to go fix them,” Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York said.

“Eric Adams is a guy who has taken action while a lot of politicians are still talking. He brings a valuable perspective to our party and shows how Democrats can tackle all the important challenges and issues without falling victim to the false choices.”

Lis Smith, a Democratic strategist, said Adams could be a strong candidate.

“Eric Adams is a Democrat who can appeal to voters across different racial, economic and educational demographics,” Smith said. “And that’s a voice we really need in the Democratic Party right now — especially when we are at risk of becoming a party that only appeals to people with college degrees.”


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There’s little doubt the Democratic Party is in disarray as the midterm elections loom in less than six months, according to The New York Times.

“It’s going to be a terrible cycle for Democrats,” said Doug Sosnik, a former political adviser to Bill Clinton.

In an Op-Ed for The Hill, Douglas MacKinnon wrote that “the party’s major dilemma seems to be its remaining hostage to the far-left fringe whose progressive ideas don’t match those of most moderate Americans.

“The Democrats need to create and champion a platform that speaks to the tens of millions of working-class voters who feel overwhelmed by events and bad policies beyond their control.”