May 20, 2024
In a swanky Washington mansion this week, President Joe Biden warned big-dollar donors about Italy’s newly elected prime minister, whom his surrogates vilify as a “radical.” Giorgia Meloni is certainly...

In a swanky Washington mansion this week, President Joe Biden warned big-dollar donors about Italy’s newly elected prime minister, whom his surrogates vilify as a “radical.”

Giorgia Meloni is certainly unusual, being the first woman ever elected to Italy’s top spot. She is also a mother and pro-family Roman Catholic. And she’s a proud Italian who seeks to preserve her country’s legal immigration laws. Addressing critics like Biden, Meloni defiantly says, “Like it or not, we will defend God, country and family.”

Does any of this sound “radical” to you?

One might forgive Biden a slip of the tongue. After all, he seems to misspeak every time he opens his mouth. But his administration’s slander of Meloni cannot be so easily dismissed.

Because it fits a broader and deeply troubling pattern.


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Take, for example, Biden’s shocking Sept. 1 speech in Philadelphia. Standing in front of a menacingly lit Independence Hall, he labeled as extreme any Republican who dares hold views that are closer to Meloni’s than to his own. Calling “MAGA Republicans” an enemy of democracy, he accused them of criminal attacks. “There is no place for political violence in America,” Biden loudly proclaimed. “Period. None. Ever.”

In the days following his nation-dividing speech, however, America did indeed become a place of political violence.

A North Dakota teenager was run down and killed because his murderer labeled him a “Republican extremist.” An 82-year-old woman was physically assaulted outside an abortion center where she was handing out pro-life flyers. And the Roman Catholic founder of a group that helps men become better husbands and fathers was violently taken from his home by the FBI in front of his wife and seven screaming children.

Did Biden react to these actual instances of political violence with the same ferocity we heard from him at Independence Hall? Of course not.

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Nor are we hearing a peep from him about Executive Order 14019, a secretive effort by hundreds of federal agencies and far-left groups to win the 2022 midterm elections. Biden tells us radical “MAGA Republicans” are “working … in state after state to give power to decide elections in America to partisans and cronies” and “do not believe in the rule of law.” But despite having received numerous Freedom of Information Act requests to disclose what his team is doing under 14019, Biden continues to violate the pro-democracy, pro-transparency FOIA law by refusing to respond.

All of which begs the question: Would the real radical please stand up?

As we wrestle with an answer, a brief look back in history may be helpful.

Like Ronald Reagan and Elon Musk, many Americans have left the once-proud Democratic Party because they no longer recognize it. A Democrat for much of his life, Reagan famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” Likewise, Musk announced this year he could no longer support what he said has become “the party of division and hate.”

Left in control are Democrats who were the communists, socialists, Marxists and other violent radicals of the 1960s and 1970s. In my new book, “According to Plan,” I review the history of how these leftists hijacked the Democratic Party and changed its agenda dramatically. They swept aside centrist Democrats, handing leadership to activists whose priorities bear no resemblance to Democratic giants of the past, like John F. Kennedy and Barbara Jordan.


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In short, we have witnessed the capture of one of America’s major political parties by a collection of far-left misfits more accurately known as “DINOs” — Democrats in Name Only.

These “progressive” politicians are working to change America in ways that would have horrified JFK and Jordan.

During the COVID pandemic, for example, they forced small businesses and churches to close but kept big-box stores and casinos open. They have perverted public education and weakened our military with “woke” ideology. They got rid of the southern border, illegally allowing criminals, known terrorists and deadly fentanyl into our communities.

They destroyed blue-collar America by exporting millions of jobs to their financial backers in China. They consistently support Big Tech censorship over freedom of speech and the press. And they shut down U.S. energy, forcing American families to bear higher costs for fuel, food and other basic necessities.

Since these are the policies of Joe Biden and his fellow DINOs, and since theirs is the violence we see on our streets, we now have an answer. When Biden next takes the stage, the real radical will have stood up.

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