February 22, 2024
It appears England's "Operation London Bridge" may soon be in effect as the world prepares itself for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. On Thursday, a palace announcement revealed the...

It appears England’s “Operation London Bridge” may soon be in effect as the world prepares itself for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

On Thursday, a palace announcement revealed the health of the 96-year-old monarch had taken a turn for the worse. “Following further evaluation this morning, The Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision,” Buckingham Palace announced Thursday, according to ABC. “The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral.”

A subtle change made by various news anchors early on Thursday suggests that the operation may already be underway.

That change is simply that many appear to be wearing black.


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“I don’t want to concern anyone, but slowly people on the BBC appear to be changing into black clothes,” Nadine Batchelor-Hunt of Yahoo News U.K. wrote.

“A sign outside of Buckingham Palace reads ‘No Guard Changing Ceremony Today’ (Getty Photo) – BBC is in rolling coverage and anchor is wearing a black tie,” former CNN editor David Clinch tweeted.

“The Royal Family has cancelled events and are all going to Balmoral. The BBC website has changed to black. BBC on-air presenters have changed into black attire. BBC One has cancelled regular programming until 6pm. This sounds like we are in Operation London Bridge,” journalist Chad Ryan wrote.

According to leaked documents obtained by Politico in 2021, “Operation London Bridge” is the primary plan for the Queen’s eventual death.

The documents detail an “extraordinary level of action” required by every single arm of the British government.


British Officials ‘Deeply Concerned’ After Doctors Place Queen Elizabeth II Under ‘Medical Supervision’

This is needed, according to Politico, to combat the unprecedented size of crowds and chaotic nature of travel within the country that is expected to ensue.

Internally, members of the government will refer to the day of the Queen’s death as “D-Day.”

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In the immediate aftermath of the death, the royal family’s website will change to a black holding page with a short statement confirming the event. The U.K. government website will display a black banner as well.

Numerous other plans to be played out of the next ten days are also detailed in the operation, according to Politico.

Then, ten days after her death, “Operation London Bridge” ends with the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which is to be held at Westminster Abbey.