March 3, 2024
Dr. Oz thanked former President Donald Trump for being willing to "lean in," endorse him, and host a rally for him. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz rallied supporters late Tuesday night as the results of the Pennsylvania Republican Party Senate primary were too close to call.

“We’re not going to have a result tonight,” Oz said. “When all the votes are tallied, I am confident we will win … We are making a ferocious charge.”

Oz thanked former President Donald Trump, thanking him for being willing to “lean in” endorse him and host a rally for him.

“God bless you sir for putting so much effort into this race,” he said to Trump. “I will make you proud.”

Oz also thanked Fox News host Sean Hannity for his support.

“Sean’s like a brother to me, when Sean punches through something he really punches through it,” he said, thanking Hannity for his “behind the scenes” advice and “late night conversations” about the race.

He cited former President Ronald Reagan’s “shining city on the hill” description of the United States of America.

“I know many thing that that city is a little dim these days, but that’s not what I saw when I was campaigning,” he said. “I’m running to allow us all to witness that brilliance, it’s out there, we have to be able to believe in it,”

He desired the United States as a “role model to the world.”

“When our city on the hill is shining bright others see it and they make their cities bright as well,” he said. “That’s why I’m running for the Senate. That’s why I’ll be the next Senator of Pennsylvania.”