April 14, 2024
For many lovers of nature, the thrill of the hunt is in reaching little-known attractions and pitting themselves against difficult terrain. And once they get there, victory is often not...

For many lovers of nature, the thrill of the hunt is in reaching little-known attractions and pitting themselves against difficult terrain.

And once they get there, victory is often not complete until they can get a photo of their accomplishment.

Sometimes, however, that’s the most dangerous part of all.

A 17-year-old hiker who made it to Raven Cliff Falls in Georgia on Friday afternoon found herself in quite the predicament after reaching the top of the falls, trying to snap a picture and falling.


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As a result, over a dozen different agencies were called to the area to rescue the young woman, who was trapped between two rock slabs in the waterfall.

“Rescue personnel responded and found a female patient who had fallen approximately 40 to 50 feet down a waterfall from the top of the falls and … about 100 feet up from the bottom,” the White County Public Safety Facebook page posted.

“The female was lodged in [a] very narrow area where the rock faces of the falls came together. Rescue crews made contact with the patient at 6:50pm. Two rescuers ascended down to the patient and began working shortly after.

“Georgia State Patrol lowered 2 members from Cobb County GSAR team in to assist rescuers. Members from Gainesville’s GSAR (Georgia Search & Rescue) Task Force 1 team and Rabun County TRT (Technical Rescue Team) also responded to the scene to assist due to the dangerous terrain and extreme technicality of the call.”

After over four hours, the teen was freed from the rocks, and within the following hour she had been lifted by rope to the top of the falls.

In what most of the responding agencies referred to as a “miracle,” the young woman was able to walk away with only minor injuries.


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“In a miraculous turn of events the female was able to walk assisted back out to the command post for evaluation and transport for minor injuries,” the Gainesville Fire Department wrote. “Well done everyone! The true meaning of brotherhood was evident last night.”

“Absolutely a miracle, amazing work by everybody under extremely difficult conditions!” the Rabun County EMA/Search and Rescue shared.

According to WRWH in Cleveland, Georgia, a Walmart there provided food for the crews who worked tirelessly to free the teen — who hopefully will be a little more careful the next time she attempts to take a photo in a beautiful — but dangerous — spot.

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