December 7, 2023
American citizens are being forced to empty their wallets just to pay for gas, but President Joe Biden's Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is doing everything she can to distract from...

American citizens are being forced to empty their wallets just to pay for gas, but President Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is doing everything she can to distract from that.

During an interview with CNN anchor John Berman on Wednesday, Granholm attempted to deflect attention from the sky-high gas prices in the U.S.

“If you were in Brazil, you’d be paying the same amount for gas at the pump — over $5,” Granholm said. “If you were in Canada, you’d be paying over $6. If you were in Germany, you’d be paying over $8. So this is happening around the world.”

Even Berman, who certainly falls on the left side of the aisle, was not buying this excuse.

“Understood, secretary,” Berman interjected. “We’re talking about the United States, though. We’re talking about the United States right now and what the president can do.”


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The fact that other countries have high gas prices holds no weight for Americans paying record prices here. We don’t live in Brazil, nor is Granholm the energy secretary there.

Invoking the gas prices in other countries was a desperate attempt by Granholm to distract from the Biden administration’s failure in America, and Berman spoke for all of us when he said that is not what people care about.

However, no one should be surprised that Granholm showed complete disregard for the struggles of everyday Americans. After all, she has been doing so for over a year.

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In November, Granholm was asked on Bloomberg TV how she planned to increase oil production in the U.S. as gas prices rose. The chyron said gas was $2.89 per gallon in Michigan, a price that any American would be happy to see right about now.

Granholm proceeded to laugh hysterically and declared she did not have the “magic wand on this.”

“As you know, of course, oil is a global market,” Granholm said. “It is controlled by a cartel. That cartel is called OPEC, and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning.”


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Just like on Wednesday, Granholm was quick to blame other countries for everything. OPEC consists of 13 countries, none of which are the United States. The decisions OPEC makes do not change America’s ability to increase oil production here.

If the Biden administration encouraged oil companies to increase drilling and production, the U.S. would not have to rely on OPEC countries for oil as much as it currently does. Instead, the administration has issued significantly fewer drilling permits in the months since April 2021.

Another underlying problem is that Democrats see high gas prices as an opportunity to sell their “green” energy agenda. On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee shared a video on Twitter of Granholm saying current gas prices present “a very compelling case” to buy an electric car.

Granholm has repeatedly shown that she does not care about Americans who are suffering at the pump, and she is even willing to use those struggles to push her leftist agenda.

Voters should remember this treatment when they go to the polls for this year’s midterms.