April 20, 2024
Reality television star Kim Kardashian has always put an undue emphasis on her physical appearance. In a recent interview, she made it clear how far she is willing to go...

Reality television star Kim Kardashian has always put an undue emphasis on her physical appearance. In a recent interview, she made it clear how far she is willing to go to achieve physical beauty.

Speaking to The New York Times to promote her new skincare brand, SKKN by Kim, she said there are virtually no boundaries she would not cross to make herself look good.

“I’ll try anything,” Kardashian said. “If you told me that I literally had to eat poop every single day and I would look younger, I might. I just might.”

This was more than likely an exaggeration, but it shows just how twisted the logic of Hollywood is.

As Christians, we believe each and every human was created in the image of God. Aging is a natural process, and it does not change a person’s worth in the eyes of the Lord.


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Furthermore, we believe a person’s inner character is infinitely more important than his or her outward appearance. Our physical bodies are imperfect on this Earth, but our souls long to one day make it to Heaven, where we will live in perfection with Jesus for eternity.

All of these truths seem to be lost on today’s Hollywood elites, who place the utmost importance on physical appearance.

God does call us to take care of our bodies, which the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:19 are “temple[s] of the Holy Spirit.” But that does not mean we should engage in disgusting practices in the hopes of looking younger.

God also calls us to be good stewards of the money we earn, which would be nearly impossible for someone who was trying to purchase SKKN by Kim.

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According to the Times, Kardashian’s product line consists of a nine-step regimen. She encourages customers to purchase all nine products: cleanser, toner, exfoliator, hyaluronic acid serum, vitamin C serum, face cream, eye cream, oil drops and night oil.

Altogether, the nine products will cost Kardashian fans $630. In Kardashian’s mind, the exorbitant price tag was necessary to achieve her goal.

“It’s definitely more prestige, and in order to get the types of ingredients that I would not really miss out on, it was kind of a necessity,” she said.

“The products I was using that were comparable were way more expensive, not to compare anything. I tried to get the quality for the best price that we could, especially the vitamin C serum.”

Earlier this year, Forbes estimated Kardashian’s net worth at $1.8 billion. For someone with that much wealth, shelling out hundreds of dollars every couple months for skincare products is probably not a big deal.


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On the other hand, an everyday American is not worth almost $2 billion. In fact, $630 would be a pretty significant sum of money for most people to routinely spend on skincare.

Just like her comments about eating poop, Kardashian’s casual attitude towards the high price of her skincare line shows her misplaced priorities.

For Hollywood celebrities like Kardashian, physical appearance is way too high on the priority list. Many of them are willing to go to almost any length to achieve their beauty goals, even if that means shelling out hundreds of dollars or eating poop.