April 15, 2024
A lot of helping others is simply a combination of being at the right place at the right time and being willing to help out at a moment's notice. Sergeant...

A lot of helping others is simply a combination of being at the right place at the right time and being willing to help out at a moment’s notice.

Sergeant Tyler Petrin with the Claremont Police Department in New Hampshire was a stellar example of that as he directed traffic for the Stevens High School graduation recently.

Video of the sweet moment was shared on social media, showing the officer directing traffic and answering questions as people parked for the graduation ceremony — while simultaneously tying a tie around his own neck.

A student trailed behind him, patiently waiting, and once Petrin had the tie tied, he slipped it off his own neck and over the student’s head, helping him tighten the knot so it would fit.


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While helping a student look sharp for graduation isn’t normally on the schedule for cops, it can certainly be a part of serving the community — and no doubt the student will remember this small, simple (but important) act of kindness.

The video was shared by local news outlets, as well as the Claremont Police Department.

“Proud of our team at Claremont PD! Sergeant Tyler Petrin handling traffic while helping a young man attending the Stevens High School graduation ceremony with tying his tie,” the Claremont Police Department wrote.

“I love this,” one person commented on the police department’s post. “Sgt. Petrin your kindness speaks volumes about you as a person and as one of Claremonts finest.

“That young man you helped I had in Kindergarten and tonight he graduates from high school. You helped him look his best. Thank you for caring.”

“This sooo great!!!!” another person commented on WMUR-TV‘s share of the clip. “He must be a parent, looking at him multitasking!!!

“It probably didn’t seem like a big deal to the officer, but probably meant the world to this young man!”

There are no details on why the young man had no one else to help him with his tie, but perhaps, he forgot or was running late.


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One person commented to say their son experienced a similar situation and the whole family appreciated the help their good Samaritan neighbor offered.

“Touched my heart!” a third wrote. “Thank you officer for showing this kindness.

“I was in the same situation. My husband was in the hospital. I did not know how to tie a tie. One of my sons was struggling with it for an important event. A neighbor came to the rescue. Acts of kindness are cherished!”

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