March 5, 2024
President Joe Biden has been touring the country in a desperate attempt to cajole voters into believing that his "Bidenomics" plan is "working" for America ahead of the 2024 election cycle, but even the people in his hometown are not exactly convinced. Fox News spoke to a number of voters...

President Joe Biden has been touring the country in a desperate attempt to cajole voters into believing that his “Bidenomics” plan is “working” for America ahead of the 2024 election cycle, but even the people in his hometown are not exactly convinced.

Fox News spoke to a number of voters in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the town Biden constantly reminds everyone that he is “from.”

But the network didn’t find many who felt that Biden was telling the truth about his economic record. The report showed that few Americans are happy about the state of the economy and almost no one is buying Biden’s claim that it is all going so very well.

Biden took to his X account on Nov. 13 to brag about how great his economy has been, saying he doesn’t “look at the economy through the eyes of Wall Street and Park Avenue.”

Instead, he claimed he looks “at it through the eyes of the people I grew up with in Scranton, Pennsylvania or Claymont, Delaware.”


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But when Fox News went to Scranton, they didn’t find a whole lot of Democratic voters who agreed with Biden’s sunny assessment of his accomplishments.

Robert Jones of Scranton, for instance, said he doesn’t see how Biden can claim to be looking at the economy through the eyes of everyday Americans. Jones said he feels Biden and his fellows are a “bunch of liars” and Biden is the “worst president we ever had.”

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“This economy sucks. I mean, everything’s going up except paychecks. I just think the economy sucks ever since Biden got in,” Jones insisted.

Of course, Robert is right. American household incomes have fallen three years in a row since Biden took office.

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Another citizen in the streets of Scranton was also skeptical that Biden and his Bidenomics is cognizant of the plight of the average American.

“I don’t think any of them see through the eyes of the people. I think all of them see it through the eyes of Washington,” a resident named Kevin said. “[The economy] has gotten worse.”


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“I’m a registered Democrat, but I’m not happy,” he stated.

Nellie, another Scranton resident, even blasted Biden for constantly claiming he is “from Scranton.”

“He’s not a Scrantonian,” she said adding that Joe moved away when he was a tiny child.

“I don’t think he has enough to say about what it really means to be ‘from here’ — I’ve been here my whole life,” she said adamantly.

And Betty added, “I feel like it’s gotten worse, that’s my personal opinion though… How could he be seeing it through our eyes?”

Like a majority of American voters, local man Mark insisted that Biden is too old.

“I don’t really want to say I’m against him because of his age. But it’s to the point where I’m like: Really?” And then he went on to joke that if we are going to bring the aged and decrepit back, “Why don’t we bring back Carter at 99?”

The facts argue against Biden’s claim that he has the best economy in history. One major indicator of this is the fact that household debt has soared to new highs as Americans rely more on credit cards to purchase necessities like food.

Another is his arguably false claim that he has created “more jobs” than former President Donald Trump did. But that is not because Biden is actually helping to create jobs. It is a function of the millions of jobs lost during COVID and only now just coming back.

Just last week, even Biden admitted that prices are too high and many Americans are struggling during his regime. But then he blamed businesses for the situation, instead of his policies which have fanned the flames of inflation.

Americans don’t seem to be fooled by Biden’s plaintive pleas for us all to believe his claims about how wonderful his economy is. Not even in the town he claims are his old stomping grounds.

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