March 3, 2024
A leftist Yale psychiatrist who has fallen from grace will not be receiving her position at the prestigious university back, a judge has ruled. Dr. Brandy Lee's lawsuit against Yale...

A leftist Yale psychiatrist who has fallen from grace will not be receiving her position at the prestigious university back, a judge has ruled.

Dr. Brandy Lee’s lawsuit against Yale University was dismissed by a federal judge on Tuesday, the Hartford Courant reported.

The university refused to reappoint Lee after the psychiatrist began an apparent crusade against then-President Donald Trump in 2019. Lee publicly commented on the mental health of Trump and his close associates despite never having examined any of them.

Lee used her clout and credentials to author a book, accept interviews and even form a group dedicated to advising lawmakers on the president’s mental fitness.

The group, calling itself the “Independent Expert Panel for Presidential Fitness,” involved Lee, several other psychiatrists, and other neurological experts.


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Amid this blitz against Trump, Lee came under serious scrutiny from colleagues and leaders at Yale. Dr. John Krystal, chair of the university’s psychiatry department, blasted the political activity happening under the guise of professional conduct.

“I want to emphasize that you did not make these statements as a layperson offering a political judgment,” Krystal wrote in a 2020 letter to Lee. “You made them explicitly in your professional capacity as a psychiatrist and on the basis of your psychiatric knowledge and judgment.”

“For that reason,” he continued, “the committee decided it was appropriate to consider how these statements reflected your ability to teach trainees.”

One major factor in Krystal’s reaction to Lee’s political action is likely the “Goldwater Rule,” a professional standard from the American Psychiatric Association that warns against diagnosing someone without an evaluation.

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While it seems like an obvious step in diagnosis, Lee, who is not a member of the APA, argued that the danger from Trump outweighed the need for clinical evidence.

Citing a supposed “duty to warn” the public about Trump’s mental state, Lee filed a lawsuit arguing that her own unhinged assault against the president wasn’t partisan slander but a professional obligation.

While battling allegations of mental unfitness and a possible invocation of the 25th Amendment, Trump took a cognitive test that indicated no decline in his faculties.

Thankfully, it looks like common sense has prevailed in the court of law.

District Judge Sarah A.L. Merriman didn’t quite see things the same way as Lee and completely dismissed her suit against Yale.


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Without a position at Yale, Lee’s prospects in the anti-Trump racket appear to be growing bleaker by the day.

Over at CNN, where she may have been able to land a gig years ago for her opinions on Trump, the departure of two prominent leftists and a general shifting of the network signal that those days are over.

Fortunately for Lee and other experts in her group dedicated to advising lawmakers on the mental fitness of the president, there appears to be plenty of material for their “professional” consideration when it comes to President Joe Biden.