September 30, 2023
As the inflation and supply chain crisis has grown worse, it has hit a new low point with the baby formula shortage. Across the entire nation, the shelves are empty...

As the inflation and supply chain crisis has grown worse, it has hit a new low point with the baby formula shortage.

Across the entire nation, the shelves are empty as formula is out of stock.

The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that nationally, 43 percent of baby formula is out of stock. In more than 30 states, the out-of-stock percentage was even higher, according to the Journal.

Normally, the out-of-stock rate is 10 percent, the Journal reported.

But in news that has to infuriate frustrated parents, Republican Rep. Kat Cammack of Florida reported that on a visit to a U.S. border entry point last week, she saw shelves were filled with baby formula.


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On Wednesday, Cammack posted photos of stocked shelves filled with baby formula at a Customs and Border Protection detention facility in McCallen, Texas, alongside a photo of empty shelves in an American store.

On Monday, Cammack told Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo that she’d gone down to the border to prove it.

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“Yesterday, I was on the border myself and the facts on the ground are exactly how we have been stating them,” Cammack said on “Mornings with Maria.”

“Last week, I received text messages and photos from Border Patrol agents showing a stockpile of baby formula and there was complete outrage from the White House, CNN and other liberal outlets claiming that we were lying, so I decided to go down myself and film it.

“Lo and behold, not only was there stocked warehouses, but there were multiple stocked warehouses that have been not only filled with baby formula, diapers, wipes and clothing, but they have been doing this for months and there’s more en route,” she said.


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The biggest issue that many are having with this is that while American moms are scrambling to find formula for their babies, there is formula being given to illegal immigrants.

By law, federal agents are required to provide food and water to illegal immigrants held in detention facilities, the San Marcos Corridor News reported.

Yes, it’s good and necessary to feed illegal immigrants. It would be inhumane to have immigrants — legal or illegal — starving or not able to feed their babies.

But the issue is with the Biden administration.

The Biden administration announced that it was taking actions to alleviate the baby formula crisis, Forbes reported.

President Joe Biden spoke with formula manufacturers and retailers on May 12 to discuss ways to make formula more available to parents.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will also make more types of formula available under its Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, which is specifically for low-income women and children.

The White House is working with international trade partners, such as Chile, Ireland, Mexico and the Netherlands to get more formula.

This is all great. Babies need to be fed.

But none of that changes the broader issue — that the United States is being governed by an administration so inept, or indifferent to the needs of its own citizens, that new parents are forced to scramble for a basic necessity of life for their infants.

Voters need to remember that when November’s midterms roll around. And they can’t forget it in 2024.