May 26, 2022

America has been fundamentally transformed — and not for the better.

In 2022, America is divided and poorer; personal safety and our children are at greater risk than ever.

Racism is rampant.  Not only is racism accepted, but it is celebrated.  With Critical Race Theory, schools teach children to hate anyone who looks different, to feel guilty if they’re white or empowered because they are not white.

Children barely out of diapers are being taught to question their sex before they are capable of comprehending what sex is.

Our southern border is nonexistent, and politicians are loath to do anything about it.  Illegal aliens pour across and then demand — as if it were their God-given right — support and acceptance.  If they’re intercepted by Border Patrol, they get medical care and free transport to wherever they want to go.  Without background checks, security checks, or anything other than a rudimentary health screening, they are handed documents telling them to report for a sanctuary hearing at some far-future date.  Then they’re released.

Of course, none will show up for that hearing.  They will remain and be given driver’s licenses, de facto voting rights, EBT cards, housing, and ongoing medical care — all at taxpayer expense.  And that’s now, before Title 42 is repealed!  Then a floodgate will open, exponentially compounding the problem and the cost.

Children of illegals fill our schools, slowing education as they are taught just enough English to be able to do their lessons at the expense of American children.

With the illegals flows a river of drugs.  Every five minutes, one person in America dies of fentanyl.  Yet our government does nothing.  Our politicians ignore it.  It doesn’t exist, isn’t a problem.

Supermarket shelves are empty. Parents cannot find baby formula.  Other basic consumables aren’t available.  Because of a fertilizer shortage, our farmers cannot grow our food.

In 2020 and 2021, COVID disrupted the supply chain, but what about 2022?  COVID is under control.  Why are store shelves still empty?

Under President Trump, year-over-year inflation was at 1.36%.

Since Biden took office inflation has exploded. From January to November 2021 inflation leapt to almost 7.5%.

As of April 2022, inflation stands at 8.4%.  While this is down approximately 1% from the March high, we are still 7% higher than we were just fifteen short months ago.  American families are being forced to make tough choices: put gas in the tank to go to work or food on the table.

The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by one half of a percent with more increases to come.  Now a credit card with an 18% APR adjusted to 18.5% means that for every dollar you owe, you are being charged $0.155 more per month.  At one hundred dollars, that’s $1.55.  A thousand equals $15.50.  If you have debt of $10,000 or more, that is $155.00 per month more than you used to pay, compounding every month you can’t afford to pay off your credit cards.

Nationally, gas averages around $4.30 per gallon — $1.37 more than last year.  Anyone working an hourly job at $15.00 must work almost five post-tax hours to buy ten gallons of gas.

In California, the average price for regular gas is $5.22.  In Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, prices are at or near $6.00 ($1.58 higher than May 2021).  In those areas, $15 requires more than eight hours of work for ten gallons of gas.

Higher gas prices are a direct result of Joe Biden’s day-one E.O. that shut down American drilling, production, and the XL Pipeline.  Instead of lifting those sanctions to help Americans, he and his administration refuse.  They cannot allow domestic drilling and production because it interferes with their Green Agenda.

They lie about it.  “We’ve issued more leases!” — ignoring the fact that without permits and a rollback of onerous environmental regulations, those leases aren’t worth a dime.  Without permits, producers can’t drill.  With the regulations, the cost of compliance is prohibitive.  There is no profit in drilling.

Under Biden, trans-shipping is the only way to transfer oil to a refinery.  With diesel hovering around $6.00 per gallon, that cost to truckers is extraordinary, which is why food prices are so high.

Democrats are ramming their Green Agenda down our throats and burdening us with its costs.

Biden’s administration knows that renewables are not yet capable of filling the gap between fossil fuels and our country’s energy needs.  Just look at California and Texas.  Yet this is the path we are being forced to follow.  All while ignoring the negative impacts of solar farms and wind turbines.

This all leads to the questions: are we being groomed?  Are we being boiled like a pot full of frogs?

“The Great Reset” is real.  Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum are behind this.  The Great Reset ties directly into the U.N.’s Agenda 2030.

On the surface, it all seems so benign.  A close, critical read, however, discloses the evil inherent in this mad scientist’s plan.  All around us are signs that this evil, anti-social, anti-societal movement are in train.

Canada’s government now encourages people to euthanize themselves — part of the depopulation aspect of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030, along with widespread famine (baby formula and fertilizer prices).

Open borders, too, since Agenda 2030 calls for merging nation-states and abolishing sovereignty.

Gender equality is another of the goals; thus, we get transgenderism and sexual grooming of our children.

Wasn’t there a remarkable coincidence between October 2019’s Event 201 — a tabletop exercise that just happened to revolve around a “theoretical” SARS-COV outbreak and COVID in 2020?  The draconian lockdowns of COVID weakened or destroyed many of the world’s economies, and drove the poor farther into poverty, while the wealthy grew wealthier.

Digital currencies as called for in the WEF plan are the next major shift.  Digital money, couched as “freedom from cash,” is nothing but enslavement.

If no one has cash, if we are all reliant on binary code in an “account” someplace, government has absolute power.  If we do as they say, a push of the button adds funds, rewarding us.  If we rebel or try to stand up for basic rights — as was done in Canada during the not so distant revolt against mandated vaccines — government will block your account, take your wealth, and leave you with nothing.  This is a digitized form of Stalin’s rule during the 1930s.

 Everything happening in America today points directly to the dark lessons of the past.

Unless we change course and quickly, America, along with the rest of the world, is doomed to a long, perhaps centuries-long, Dark Age of enslavement and genocide at the whim of our rulers — Klaus Schwab and his ilk.

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Image via Good Free Photos.

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