May 23, 2022

Until only a few years ago, child abuse was thought primarily to be hitting a child, starving a child, confining a child in a closet, not properly feeding a child, or engaging in sexual practices with a child.  Now child abuse has taken a quantum leap.  Child abuse now includes poisoning and mutilating a child to make him look like a member of the opposite sex, often by taking advantage of the child’s trust in a parent.

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Stealing a child’s childhood should be a crime punishable by grievous measures.  Every human being has normal stages of growth.  Generally speaking, those stages are infancy, when he is totally dependent upon parents for survival; the toddler stage, where he is dependent upon parents to keep him from setting the dog or the house on fire; early childhood, where he is beginning to assert himself with his own personality; adolescence, where the child inevitably knows everything and his parents know nothing; teen years; and adulthood. 

During the earlier stages up until adulthood, the child is finding his way in the world, learning how people and things work, developing relationships and their parameters, learning acceptable behavior, and forming his own unique character.  This is the time a child discovers the difference between maleness and femaleness and experiences a normal progression from infancy to adulthood.

Sexually obsessive “progressive” parents are interfering with and sidetracking this normal process by inflicting their own perverse notions of sexuality on helpless and naïve children who trust them.  In essence, parents are saying to their male children, “No, you don’t have to be a boy.  You can be a girl if you want to,” and vice versa.  The little boy hears that and thinks, “Wow,  I can be a girl.  I can wear dresses, makeup, heels, false eyelashes, bright colors, bangles, and everyone will think I’m a girl.”  Well, no.  No one is deceived.  With painfully few exceptions, anyone can look at a “trans woman” and see the male beneath the makeup.

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What exactly do parents who want to change their child’s sex (as if that were possible) think is the good that comes out of advocating trans for a child?  There is only one sound reason I can think of: they, the parents, are in need of attention.  The parent who advocates for “sex change” in a child must desperately want to be noticed for her own sake, not specifically for the child’s sake.  And yes, it is usually mothers, not fathers, who promote this.

Raising a child who acknowledges his birth sex is the normal way of things.  It is ordinary, and ordinary rarely gets noticed.  But if you trans your child, you get noticed, and you become a hero in the eyes of a very vocal, bombastic group of trendy like-minded people who will laud your progressive thinking.  At least they noticed you.  The child?  Well, the child is a tool in the toolbox that functions as a way for a parent to get vicarious attention in this TikTok world, where attention is all that matters.  The child becomes merely a bracelet, a rainbow-t-shirt, an adornment.

To suggest that a child who gets transitioned by a parent is better off than a child brought up normally is a pernicious deception.  The book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, by Abigail Shrier, is a superb place to begin unraveling the misconceptions and dangers surrounding transgenderism.  Sex confusion is bound to set in at some point during a trans child’s life, and if hormones or “top surgery” (removing real breasts or installing fake ones) was done, these things are often irreversible.  There is emotional and physical pain involved in reasserting one’s natural sex.  In addition, transgender people have a generally higher rate of mental problems.  Why would good and decent parents do that to their child?

A little boy might test-drive wearing dresses.  He is growing, wondering, testing.  It is not a sign that the child was born into the wrong sex.  A good parent would not read this as the child having enough wisdom to know he wants to change his sex.  That is incredibly stupid on the part of the parent.  Or perhaps it is just plain evil.

A little girl who would rather play baseball or dress up in cowboy or Darth Vader gear is not signaling she wants to be a boy.  She is just testing the waters, experimenting, acting.  She may very well grow up to be a more masculine woman, but she is still a woman and not a man trapped in a woman’s body.  Tomboys abound.  So do effeminate boys.  Neither is outside a normal spectrum of child development.  They are not signs of authentic gender dysphoria necessitating full-on hormonal and surgical intervention.

It is child abuse to allow the short time span of childhood experimentation to determine the sex for the rest of a child’s life.  Every child engages in years of testing the waters to see where he is most comfortable, and yes, a tiny minority of people will actually suffer from legitimate gender dysphoria.  But most people confirm their birth sex; a rare few do not.