May 11, 2022

The Biden administration’s announcement of creating a new ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ reveals desperation in the face of Americans waking up to overwhelming evidence of coverup and deceit by mainstream and social media on life and death matters. First, people are coming to realize the truth behind the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, with all the attendant life-threatening bad advice and loss of Constitutional freedoms and rights that took place. Second, people are now seeing documentary proof of undeniable evidence of industrial-scale vote fraud that drove an illegitimate result in the November 2020 elections.

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Many have drawn parallels between Biden’s ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ and George Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth,’ arguing that it’s a threat to First Amendment free speech. But wait. Haven’t we already been living in the matrix of an Orwellian world, with freedom of speech in America hanging by a thread even before this crazy Disinformation Governance Board was hatched?

In Orwell’s own words the Ministry of Truth had two primary objectives:  1) the institutionalization of propaganda narratives, which were designed to warp and destroy people’s grasp on reality; and 2) the fostering of groupthink, conformity, and collectivism designed to eliminate critical and independent thinking.

It has been widely assumed that because the press is not state-controlled in the U.S., there is a long way to go before the American government has the power of Orwell’s Big Brother. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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And the proof is that a large part of the America population has been cowed and brainwashed into accepting quite a number of global elitist-fostered narratives.

Consider how there is little discussion about the burden and risks to the American people from Biden’s open southern border policy. Or consider how discussion is silenced about the possibility that COVID-19 may have been developed and released as a bioweapon directed primarily at the Western free nations and specifically the United States.

America’s globalist enemies understood and openly communicated how a pandemic fear could be exploited to subvert the Constitution, with no compunction about the attendant shutting down of businesses, churches, and schools. And surely, the fear factor was again at work in mob violence from George Floyd’s unfortunate death, which catalyzed the greatest physical destruction of property and businesses in American history. And that pandemic fear was the secret weapon to exploit and blow up mail-in and ballot harvesting to rig the 2020 election against a strong and popular president whose primary cause was rolling back globalism and restoring American strength and prosperity. And lastly consider how the fear factor has been used to induces mass vaccination, which many see as integral part of advancing a global control agenda.

One may have doubts about some of this, but an objective outsider would be on solid ground in pointing out that people got snookered because quarantines for the minority at high risk make sense, while lockdowns of the general population do not;  mask mandates that have little to no scientific basis make no sense, and particularly for the very young whose development is stunted by mask wearing; and COVID vaccination mandates for everyone are a violation of public trust for the simple reason that there was no certainty that the vaccines were safe, as they were released on an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) basis. EUA granted the vaccine development companies protection against any legal liability in lieu of the accelerated program under which the vaccines were developed by truncating the normal FDA-required safety testing.

It is obvious that the two objectives of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth have already been partially accomplished in a large part of the American public by the universities, the K-12 educational system, and the major print, TV, and social media institutions. These institutions embrace the groupthink and narratives that ingratiate them with the globalist elite. And then there are the culture shapers in Hollywood and the advertising industry on Madison Avenue, who follow a similar path in participating in and reinforcing the same groupthink norms. And as a partial result, corporations have become increasingly woke — and in some cases have abandoned the focus and business practices that enabled their prior success.

If anyone now doubts how deep the cultural transformation rot has gone in corporate America, they need only look at the Disney Corporation. Disney has been America’s most iconic company because of its foundation and roots in providing children and family entertainment. Disney was enormously successful because of its focus and loyalty to its vast customer base of those traditional families, who make up more than 90% of the population. But the Disney corporate elite are as brainwashed as the newer and younger employees in their workforce, for there is simply no rational explanation of corporate leaders forsaking the vast majority of their company’s customers and shareholders.