September 17, 2022

On Monday, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called Iran’s latest demands in the on-again, off-again nuclear negotiation, “a step backward,” making a deal “unlikely.” The Iranians want the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to shelve its investigation into Iran’s undeclared uranium enrichment activities and figured they could get the U.S. to cave, as it did when John Kerry was leading the U.S. negotiating team in 2015.

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Team Biden desperately wants the deal to go through, despite all the insistence from Tony Blinken that the U.S. will only agree to a deal that benefits U.S. national security. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy thinks he knows why.

“Are they trying to get Iranian oil back into the market to try to lower the gas price based on stopping production in America?” he asked Maria Bartiromo on Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures.

Noting that the administration “has not briefed anyone” on the negotiations, despite numerous reports that a deal is just “days away,” McCarthy pointed out that lifting sanctions on Iran and immediately releasing nearly $100 billion frozen oil money would only encourage more Iranian terrorism around the world. In addition, he said, Democrats believe a dramatic drop in gasoline prices would increase their chances in the midterms.

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Israel has been observing the body language in Washington with increasing trepidation.  On Monday, Israeli interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid reportedly provided hot new intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz — information so sensitive that it apparently caused Germany, France, and the United Kingdom to issue a statement expressing “serious doubts” over Iran’s sincerity in the ongoing negotiations.

“We gave information to the Europeans that proved that the Iranians are lying while talks are still happening,” an Israeli official told the Times of Israel.

Israel attempted unsuccessfully to discourage the Obama administration from concluding the initial nuclear agreement in 2015, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveling to Washington, D.C., to address a joint session of Congress to make the case against the deal.

On April 30, 2018, it was again Netanyahu who convinced President Donald Trump it was time to make good on his campaign promise to end “the worst deal ever” and withdraw U.S. support from the Iran nuclear agreement, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Program of Action (JCPOA).

In a press conference in Tel Aviv at the time, Netanyahu revealed that Israel’s Mossad had broken into a warehouse in Tehran and stolen thousands of documents from Iran’s secret nuclear weapons program, some of which Netanyahu described in detail. “Netanyahu’s revelation provided concrete evidence that the Iranians had failed to comply with the terms of the deal — and in fact showed that they had never intended to comply,” former Trump senior aide Jared Kushner writes in his new memoir.

It’s truly astonishing that any analyst capable of reading at a 6th-grade level could conclude any differently, and yet the pro-Tehran lobbyists in Washington and their consorts in the media continue to lie, claiming Iran is not a threat.