October 1, 2022

The status of Black Lives Matter as a credibly alleged race-hustling fraud against the trust of the American people was reinforced during the past week, as reported in “Wilkes-Barre man charged with nearly striking officer, selling crack cocaine.”  A nearby crowd nonetheless took the suspect’s side during the confrontation: “a crowd gathered and began yelling, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and hurled expletives toward officers, according to court records.”

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The police in question arrested this individual because Black lives matter.  Crack cocaine is just as capable of messing up the lives of a drug-dealer’s Black customers as it is of his Caucasian ones.  There are in fact roughly four drug overdose deaths for every homicide in the U.S. (100,000 versus fewer than 25,000), so police who care about all human lives will arrest those of any race who essentially poison their customers, again of any race, for money.

Felon Lives Matter, Black Lives Don’t

This is far from an isolated incident, as perhaps nine out of ten BLM protests, which often escalate to looting and rioting, are on behalf of criminals rather than victims of racially motivated and therefore unlawful abuse.  Wikipedia, for example, links a video of protests over the death of Ma’Khia Bryant, who was shot by a police officer when she menaced another Black woman with a knife.  The innocent Black woman’s life mattered to the officer, which is why he shot Bryant.  He tried verbal commands first because Bryant’s life also mattered, but, when Bryant forced him to choose between her and her intended victim, he had to use his sidearm.

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They’re saying the names of would-be cop-killer Hakim Littleton and Michael Brown, who was shot when he tried to grab a police officer’s gun and possibly turn it against him.  They’re saying the name of Rayshard Brooks, who was shot when he disarmed a police officer of his Taser and turned it against him, but they’re not saying the name of Secoriea Turner who was shot during a BLM-related “demonstration” on Brooks’s behalf.  They’re saying the names of the Caucasians who were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse when they menaced him with violence, but not the name of Anmol Khindri, whose car dealership was trashed during the same riot.  BLM, in fact, libelously accuses Rittenhouse of murder.  They are not saying the names of the numerous business-owners of all races whose livelihoods were ruined because their insurance did not cover the full costs of riot and looting damage.

It’s also to be remembered that Saint George Floyd himself was not, unlike Martin Luther King, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, murdered for civil rights activism.  Floyd was a violent thug who did prison time for a gun-armed robbery, and his sole claim to fame is that he encountered another violent thug with a gun and a badge he should not have had.  Our courts of law did not, however, need riots and threats of violence in the event of an acquittal to convict Floyd’s killer.  The only thing threats from a BLM activist and Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) might have achieved, in fact, would have been a mistrial of Chauvin and therefore no justice for George Floyd.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but we don’t need BLM to say the name of Ahmaud  Arbery because Georgia’s justice system did not need BLM to put his killers in prison, where they belong.  (Mehmet Oz’s Senate campaign in Pennsylvania needs to take notice, by the way, that the Democrat candidate, John Fetterman, also chased a Black man while armed with a shotgun because he thought he might have done something wrong — although, in this case, race didn’t seem to play a role.)

What does BLM Call a Black Cop?  The N-Word.

BLM is meanwhile not saying the name of retired police officer David Dorn, who was murdered during yet another riot.  It is well known, however, that Black lives cease to matter as soon as they put on blue uniforms, whereupon they become what BLM and its associates call “pigs” or even the N-word.  This is from Kemi Badenoch, exchequer secretary, minister for equalities in the United Kingdom.  “I have been told of white Black Lives Matter protesters calling a black armed police officer guarding Downing Street—I apologise for saying this word—”a pet n*****.” There is video of a white BLM protester calling an African-American officer a POS to which he allegedly added the N word, and another BLM protester directing the N word at an African-American officer in Detroit. BLM apologists might argue that this is the behavior of only a few individuals but many others in Detroit physically assaulted the officers, including presumably the Black ones, which is even worse.  

The So-Called “Pigs” Arrest Hate Crime Perpetrators