June 7, 2022

The various exoduses started with Brexit, Boris Johnson’s successful move to have Great Britain exit from the European Union. Then came Blexit, Candace Owens’ successful move to convince American Blacks to exit the Democrat Party in great numbers and sign on to the Republican Party.

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Now there is Chexit, the unofficial but highly effective move by parents to exit their children from government schools. It is huge.

As most of us already know, our government-funded schools are cranking out know-nothing children, ill-equipped to make their financial way in the world and emotionally crippled to make their social way. Suicide rates among young people are sky high. Experts are “puzzled” and “alarmed.” Oddly enough, those same public-school-indoctrinated young people are over-equipped to be activists for sexual deviancy, gender-bending pathology, leftist violence, and political mayhem.

Lately, parents have become much more vocal and active. Ever since COVID zoom schooling, what is actually being taught to their children instead of reading, writing, math, technology, literature, and composition is being revealed. Children don’t even know how to write in cursive. They print. Badly. Worse, there is a lack of useful knowledge.

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Parents now learned that drag queens were brought into their 4th graders’ classrooms to teach them reading. What are drag queens doing in schools except glamorizing outlandish dresses, hair, and makeup, and indoctrinating little boys into a perverse fairyland lifestyle?

Parents in both Britain and America discovered that their 6-year-old children were being taught to masturbate and, in one small Washington State school, starting in fifth grade, they were taught how to perform oral and anal sex.

Parents discovered that CRT was teaching that White students were inherently racist and Black students were inevitably victims.

Parents learned that their kids were being taught to hate America and her Founding.

Parents learned that math is racist, being on time is racist, delayed gratification is racist, success is racist, having white skin is racist, merit is racist, and worst of all, defending yourself against racism charges is violently racist.

Parents learned a lot they would rather not have learned but are grateful they did. They were appropriately outraged and are removing their children from these incubators of evil.