March 3, 2024
CNN aired a rerun in place of Brian Stelter's show on the first Sunday since its cancellation.

CNN aired a rerun in place of Brian Stelter’s show on the first Sunday since its cancellation.

Reliable Sources was replaced at 11 a.m. by a rerun of Inside Politics Sunday with anchor Abby Phillip, which originally aired during the 8 a.m. hour.

This comes after The Wrap reported last week that CNN has no plans at the moment to replace Reliable Sources.

“There are a number of programs in the concept and development phases, and it’s possible media coverage will be an element of a show,” a network insider told the news outlet, “but no indication that an exclusively media beat show is part of the plan.”

Reliable Sources was a media-focused news program that had been on CNN since 1993. It had multiple hosts over the years, including Bernard Kalb and Howard Kurtz.


Upon CNN confirming the show’s cancellation earlier this month, it was also revealed that Stelter was leaving the network. The Reliable Sources newsletter, a compilation of the big headlines in media, will continue and be led by CNN senior media reporter Oliver Darcy.

Stelter, in delivering his farewell last Sunday, said he would be rooting for CNN after his departure. “The free world needs a reliable source,” Stelter remarked at the end of his show before signing off.

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