June 6, 2022

Congress’s squawking hens and clucking capons have never been more obsessed with mindless fluttering.  Cluck, squawk, cackle, squeal — they’re nothing but shrill noise!  And most of that noise these days is directed at denouncing their own constituents!

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Is it not absurd that nary a day goes by when some member of Congress is not calling the American people racist, white supremacist, sexist, (fill in the blank)-phobic, child-killers too stupid to be permitted weapons or free speech?  I could understand if Biden’s friends in Iran or China insulted us so regularly (those slave-owning, opposition-disappearing, women-killing dictatorships hate free Americans), but our own “august” congresscritters?  Where do they get off (don’t answer that) sitting high (or drunk) on their perches in the D.C. swamp spewing such filth at the rest of us?  When people who supposedly get elected to office by popular vote dedicate so much time denigrating actual voters, does it not make one wonder whether elections are real at all?

In theory, Congress is supposed to represent the American people; in practice, of course, those self-important, backstabbing, double-dealing swindlers represent anybody but the American people.  A half-century of open borders while American citizens have overwhelmingly demanded they be shut, thirty years of new-world-order globalization while American workers have overwhelmingly demanded their old jobs back, and too many decades of costly foreign wars while our service members are overwhelmingly abandoned upon their return all attest to Congress’s only real guiding principle: Americans don’t matter.

Hey, when you’re in cahoots with the Davos Death Cult, print and spend money to abet the hustle of the global financial elite, wield the U.S. military as a mercenary force for protecting well-paying friends, and reap the benefits of widespread money-laundering and insider trading that would send anyone other than members of Congress (and their families) straight to prison, why would you care about ordinary Americans?  We are so…what’s the word?…expendable.  And uncouth.  Quick, somebody build multiple layers of fencing around the Capitol to keep the riffraff far from those who pretend to be their humble public servants.  We must protect the nobility from the dangerous animals roaming flyover country!  It’s as disgraced former FBI counterespionage chief and Russia collusion hoaxer Peter Strzok once texted about his daunting experience in a southern Virginia Walmart: “I could smell the Trump support.”  To me, Disinformation Fraud Pete’s stinky-head slur against those he swore to serve encapsulates perfectly Washington’s curdling contempt for the American people.

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Out here in the real world, we have real problems.  Biden’s forced transition to a Green New Deal utopia — where we can all live happily dependent on wind farms, solar panels, and fairy dust made from transgender pronouns — has pushed an economy already teetering from a century of central bank funny money and congressional profligacy and decades of forced vassalage to Middle Eastern oil tyrants and cheap Chinese manufacturing to the brink of an inflationary collapse.  After four years of much-needed, salubrious deregulation set into motion by President Trump and his America-First economic team of patriots (including the estimable Peter Navarro, whom the Sovietized Congress and Stasi FBI have decided to arrest for the unpardonable sins of increasing Main Street wealth while disrespecting the D.C. despots’ “authoritah”), Build Back Better’s Marxist hooligans have put the pedal to the metal on unleashing a torrent of job-killing, wealth-confiscating, inventory-destroying “Great Reset” rules that have turbocharged rampant inflation and obliterated the economy in record time.

Welcome to the predictable consequences of Regulation Nation!  Domestic energy shortfalls and an aging electrical grid are expected to create blackouts across America this summer.  Gas prices have doubled since Biden took office, yet Chevron CEO Mike Wirth is almost certainly correct when he avers that Congress’s war on domestic energy production means, “there will never be another new refinery built in the United States.”  Instead of going full steam ahead with Trump’s “drill, baby, drill” energy revolution and delivering desperate Americans financial relief, the Biden junta has actually reversed the MAGA president’s invaluable taming of the Clean Water Act that had prevented reckless leftist-run states from blocking vital energy projects.  Has there ever been another nation more committed to its own (economic) suicide?  

Americans can’t afford gas or groceries, are falling behind in their bills (as evidenced by record credit card debt), and have never felt more financially insecure or uncertain about their futures.  If that weren’t bad enough, food shortages are already taking their toll.  Did you ever imagine you would live in an America where babies were literally starving due to an insufficient supply of infant formula?  Behold! — the Marxist “magic” of a centralized, top-down, Keynesian economic system proving to be just as deadly for Americans as it once was for the poor souls trapped behind the Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain and still is for those struggling to survive today in the much ballyhooed “communist paradises” of China, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba.  How bitterly ironic it is that to get a good glimpse of America’s future, we must only take a peek at Russia’s past!  Meanwhile, Biden, the witless wonder playing king, reads from one teleprompter speech after another gaslighting the American people with the outrageous lie that his reign has brought nothing but fortune, splendor, and good cheer.  In Slow Joe, we have some sick, twisted amalgamation of Baghdad Bob, North Korea’s minister of propaganda, and China’s state-run Xinhua news agency all rolled up into one senile reprobate incapable of even mumbling the truth.  

If there were ever a time for the constitutional levers of balanced government to kick in and for Congress to respond to Biden’s carnage and chaos with the type of resolute supervision one might expect from any institution claiming to be the “world’s greatest deliberative body,” this is it.  Alas, neither the Senate nor the House has room for anything other than bread-and-circuses hokum meant to distract and divide the public.  Who cares about crippling prices, lost savings, and bleak American futures when Congress is obsessed with trifles?  If twerking transvestites or punishing schoolchildren for using the wrong pronouns is your cup of tea, the identity politics mavens at the Capitol will keep you quenched.  For serious matters, though, Congress is as useless as the White House.

Concerned about the compelling evidence presented in 2000 Mules that the 2020 presidential election was a total fraud, or allegations that enough invalid ballots were counted in Arizona to change the state’s outcome, or that a newly released federal report confirms exploitable security flaws in many states’ voting machines?  Sorry, there’s no time for Congress to investigate those incendiary allegations when lawmakers are too busy filling gulags with MAGA voters, harassing former Trump administration officials, and eagerly setting their sights on the former president himself.  How can Congress worry about Election Day when the only day that matters is January 6?  What about the explosive revelations that tin-pot wino Hillary Clinton was behind the seditious Russia collusion plot, or that the FBI has been operating its national surveillance network on Americans within the offices of the Democrat party’s go-to law firm, or that proof has emerged showing John Kerry was secretly conducting illicit foreign policy operations with Iran during Trump’s presidency that can hardly be described as anything other than treasonous?  No time to investigate those national security matters, either — haven’t you heard, we’ve decided to wage war against Russia for the honor of Ukraine!  

In the poultry nest that is D.C., our screechy, temperamental congressional chickens have little time for anything other than Sturm und Drang.  Lots of noise.  Little substance.  Cluck, squawk, caw.  Congress’s clucking chickens are just too busy for real concerns.