August 24, 2022

Decisions made by progressive Democrats over the past two years have greatly damaged our nation. How should Americans address these policy mistakes, so they do not happen again?

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When a commercial business makes a bad decision, feedback is obvious – it loses money. The market holds the business accountable and teaches a lesson. The business learns not to make the same mistake again. 

Apparently, this accountable-feedback-learn sequence doesn’t occur in Washington. Accountability is widely dispersed or obfuscated.  Ambiguous accountability effectively immunizes Democrats from the consequences of their actions. While there are a host of recent examples, three stand out: CoViD, inflation, and loss of trust. 

CoViD response 

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Drs. Fauci, Birx, and Walensky knew the following by mid-2021. Yet, they imposed pseudo-martial law and shut down the country with disastrous consequences.  

CoViD is medically dangerous only to those who are elderly, obese, have diabetes, and other life-threatening comorbidities.  Otherwise, CoViD is as risky as the flu.  Children are in less danger from CoViD than an auto crash. Most important, there are no long-term data on mRNA vaccination.  

Despite having all the scientific evidence above, Washington (note the dispersed accountability of writing “Washington”) claimed CoViD was an existential threat to the nation. They imposed a nation-wide quarantine with masking, social distancing, and lockdowns. There was no epidemiologic basis for quarantine of the healthy population during a pandemic. No one had ever done this before. 

Democrats’ anti-science, supposedly anti-CoViD policies caused more than 200,000 small businesses to close, millions lost their jobs, and thousands died needlessly. Millions of American children lost the opportunity to learn because of enforced school closures. 

When a person commits a crime, burglary for instance, that individual is charged (held accountable), convicted (given feedback), and learns (placed in jail by Department of Corrections). 

The livelihoods of millions of Americans were stolen by progressive Democrats. Which named person or persons should be held accountable, receive feedback, and learn?