September 3, 2022

Do leftists really expect us to vote to destroy the country?

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Do Biden and his Bolsheviks expect a commie tsunami after they’ve tacitly admitted that they want to destroy the country?

Anti-liberty leftists are masters at propaganda.  For the last few weeks, they’ve been busy in their Ministry of Truth pushing the same old August-September psy-op polls.  They are working like madmen to divert our attention from the sheer disaster that is the Biden regime.

Never mind that the whole “choice” question is being returned to the states and the people.  Anti-liberty leftists want you to forget about that in a flurry of Orwellian double-talk because that’s all they have to cling to power.  They’re using any excuse to bring it up because all they have are perverse comparisons with freedom.

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They don’t care if our society is being destroyed as long as they can kill a child 5 seconds from birth.  We’re not sure why that’s a priority for them when the world is coming apart.

It’s evident the “Democrats” are the party of projection.  “President” Biden tweeted that “[i]n this moment, those who love this country — Democrats, Independents and mainstream Republicans — must be stronger, more determined, and more committed to saving America than MAGA Republicans are committed to destroying America.”

Let’s take that apart and look at it closely.

Can you recall a time in the past few years when ruling-class Democrats have been “committed to saving America”?

It’s been just the opposite: they have been doing all they can to destroy the country.

After all the anti-liberty left has done over the past year and a half, is there any doubt that was the left’s intention all along?