March 5, 2024
EXCLUSIVE — Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said the "co-opted" transgender movement's promotion of drugs and surgery on minors, along with the erosion of female spaces, is "the women's rights issue of our time."

EXCLUSIVE — Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly said the “co-opted” transgender movement’s promotion of drugs and surgery on minors, along with the erosion of female spaces, is “the women’s rights issue of our time.”

At one point, Kelly detailed in an interview with the Washington Examiner, she had been particularly protective of people who were transgender and suffering from gender dysphoria. According to her, this was “when I felt that they were a true tiny bullied minority of people who had genuine mental health issues.”


But now it has “spread like a metastasis to people who have never had a hint of gender dysphoria but just want a social cause to make themselves feel special or unique,” said the host of the Megyn Kelly Show on SiriusXM.

Kelly will moderate the fourth Republican National Debate on Wednesday on NewsNation, alongside anchor Elizabeth Vargas and the Washington Free Beacon’s Eliana Johnson.

Speaking with the Washington Examiner, Kelly explained her intention is to touch on subjects that haven’t been addressed in previous debates, as well as delve further into topics that weren’t explored enough. While she didn’t divulge her topics or questions, it’s likely that the transgender issue, being so important to Kelly, could be featured at the event, especially since it hasn’t played a large role in the previous three debates.

In the years since the transgender cause has become magnified, Kelly said children are the ones “paying the price” for the exponentially increasing numbers of minors identifying as transgender and the various treatments being used on them, including surgeries to remove or alter genitalia and hormone replacement therapy.

“It’s young girls, who used to perhaps flirt with anorexia or cutting but now have glommed on to this,” she said.

And while the former are both “awful,” she said, “You don’t wind up sterile. You don’t wind up generally dying from incredibly invasive surgeries.”

What she has seen over the last several years has been “a complete surrender to this madness.”

“It’s exploded from a very small niche mental health issue into something that is a social justice dangerous contagion that is leading to sterility,” Kelly said.

She detailed “the voluntary removal of healthy body parts [and] removal of custody from well-meaning parents who love their children” occurring as a result of the exploding social movement.

“I really see this as the women’s rights issue of our time,” she said.

Women and girls are no longer being afforded the right to privacy, Kelly explained, in favor of a movement “co-opted by sick activists.”


And children, she said, are being used as pawns in a larger agenda.

Kelly released a lengthy video in June describing how she once felt about the issue and what prompted her evolution on the subject. In the video, she claimed she would no longer be using “preferred pronouns” despite having once been protective of transgender people. According to her, the explosion of the movement, which has led to significant harm to children and injustices for women, is what brought her to the decision.

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