June 21, 2022

“That rifle on the wall of the laborer’s cottage or working-class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.” – George Orwell

In many ways, gun arguments are similar to identity scrums. Like all “woke” arguments; facts, research, and science do not matter. The same folks who are confused about biology and sex, those who cannot or will not define a woman, are usually the same crowd that distort facts about men and firearms. So, let’s look at gun biology and pathology; some basics, some history, and hopefully, find some common sense.

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To begin, any efforts to ban guns in American are absurd. That train has already left the station.

There are more guns in American homes today than there are citizens. Indeed, many households have several guns; a handgun, a rifle (a.k.a., a long gun), and a shotgun. Adding to the proliferation dilemma, anti-gun hysteria and vitriol is a stimulus for ammunition and gun sales whenever the anti-gun rhetoric gets too hot.

Opinion polls about guns are mostly moot, too. The only poll on guns that matters is a vote for a Constitutional amendment, a poll too far by any reckoning. Second Amendment rights have been affirmed by the Supreme Court twice after 1,400 expensive court challenges. Attempts to abridge Second Amendment rights exploit woke diehards and provide a cash cow for lawyers on the radical left.

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The real crime of gun litigation is billable hours.

The bottom line on gun ownership is simple. Most Americans have guns, not because they don’t feel safe, but because know they are not safe. Available data demonstrate that a criminal shooter is not likely to be caught, prosecuted, convicted, or punished. In the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., the closure rate on gun homicide is 40% (Infographic here). If you kill in Washington, better than even money says you will not be caught, prosecuted, or convicted.

Violent crime is gun justification; the kind of Second Amendment safety that the city, state, or federal government is unable or unwilling to provide these days. Why not ransack the local pharmacy or loot Louis Vuitton, or even blow someone away over a pair of Michael Jordan sneakers, when the scales of justice are weighted in favor of the misfits among us? Criminals, not victims, are usually the heroes of most woke social narratives these days. San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, take a bow here.

Indeed, victims are the null set in our jurisprudence equation especially when African Americans are involved. When you combine the morbidity rates in black America from urban homicide, drugs, alcohol, life style choices, and abortion; the numbers amount to a kind of cultural suicide, population control by social pathology. And if you asked any beleaguered black mother to choose between a father at home or some token gun law, which do you think she would prefer?

Any solution to the gun availability problem must be proceeded by a solution to threat and public safety deficits.

Unfortunately, the same liberal zealot who would restrict guns will not protect Supreme Court justices and their families from threats, intimidation, and political violence in the nation’s capital.