September 26, 2022

It’s clear the FBI has no interest in students threatening to shoot up schools (Nikolas Cruz), team doctors who assault underage gymnasts (Larry Nassar), or crackheads illegally possessing guns (Hunter Biden).

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No, if you’re a criminal, a pervert, or a Democrat — or some combination of the three — the Feebs won’t be busting your door down at three in the morning and dragging you out into the street in your tighty whities.

The folks the Bureau’s been busting lately with great fanfare, and occasionally a CNN news crew in tow, are a different sort altogether: folks who vote Republican; Trump supporters; parents concerned about the crap taught in public schools; and Catholic abortion activists.

That’s who the rogue FBI wants to embarrass, take down, and ruin. So I’ve compiled a list of things you can do to limit the damage when the FBI eventually comes for you.

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Protecting Your Front and Back Yards

When the Feebs go after enemies of the Deep State, they like to surround the house. It looks impressive on TV.

So, you’ll need two dogs on long chains, one in the front yard and one in the back. German shepherds are a good choice for deterrence, Shih Tsu’s are best if merely making a loud ruckus is what you’re after.

It goes without saying that bent cops are inherently cowards who want no part of big nasty dogs or even an ankle-biter. The FBI raiders parked in front of your home will either have to wait for animal control to show up — giving you time to shower and put on a nice outfit for the perp-walk — or the gutless Feebs will shoot your dogs, at the very least alerting you as to what’s happening.

Door Signs

There’s two ways you can go with door signs. If you’re resigned to getting busted, put up a sign saying: The door’s open, please don’t bust it down! Perhaps you’ll be lucky and the lead Feeb will simply use the doorknob.