May 22, 2024
New York City Mayor Eric Adams has threatened legal action against the state of Texas for sending busloads of immigrants to his city Sunday.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has threatened legal action against the state of Texas for sending busloads of immigrants to his city Sunday.

Adams made a variety of television appearances to discuss the issue he claims has brought city homeless shelters to a “breaking point” — with 11,000 immigrants arriving there since May. Out of that total, roughly 2,5000 were sent from the Texas border by Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Our legal team is looking at legal challenges we could do with Texas,” Adams said in a CBS New York appearance. “We believe there are some options we have, because when you involuntarily place someone on a bus, we believe that actually skates the law . . . We’re not leaving any stones unturned to make sure that New Yorkers are [not] being treated in an unfair way.”


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As a result, New York City has opened 23 emergency shelters to house all the immigrants, with plans to open 38 more. It’s an attempt to hold true to the city’s “right to shelter” law which promises those without homes a bed to sleep at night. Adams is also considering former Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s suggestion of using cruise ships to house immigrants “as a temporary measure, not a permanent measure.”

Adams personally slammed Abbott for promising to coordinate these immigrants’ transportation in the future, but not following through despite his office calling the governor’s office.

“They took the call, stated that they would coordinate,” Adams told Jonathan Karl on ABC’s This Week. “And they did not coordinate at all, because I don’t think it was politically expedient for them to coordinate. It was more to do this, basically, political showmanship that you’re seeing.”

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Adams gave a soft suggestion to change the federal regulation on immigrants seeking employment, as current immigrants must wait six months before they can begin working legally.

“I don’t think it really is logical to allow people to be here for months without the ability to seek employment, particularly during a point when we are seeking employees in various sectors in our city,” Adams said on CNN.

Yet the Democratic mayor was hesitant to criticize President Joe Biden over the ongoing border crisis.

“The El Paso sector of the border seeing an average of 1,700 migrants crossing every single day, a record 1.9 million migrants apprehended on the southwest border this fiscal year alone,” anchor Jake Tapper pointed out. “Even if you think what these governors are doing is horrific, it seems like you agree this is a crisis that needs more attention from the Biden Administration.”

“No. I believe it’s a crisis that needs more coordination from our country,” Adams said, reemphasizing the coordination he’d like to see between state and local governments.

Jackie Robinson Museum
New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Jackie Robinson Museum, Tuesday, June 26, 2022, in New York.
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Adams was spotted at a Mexican parade celebrating Mexican independence from Spain through the city Sunday, calling the population “part of the fabric and fiber of this city” in a video he uploaded to Twitter. Mexican immigrants made up over 56,000 of the more than 238,000 nationwide encounters Customs and Border Patrol had in July alone.

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