August 22, 2022

While the DOJ’s and FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago is suspect, and currently seems to be more about protecting the Deep State than about benefitting the American people, we shouldn’t forget that, under ordinary circumstances, the American people benefit from gaining access to presidential records.

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Since 1992, America has gone from sole superpower to bumbling fool and stupid-power, even more so in the still unfolding horror show that scares most everyone thinking clearly about Biden-Harris priorities and policies. The downward trajectory of America is undeniable and likely involves grifters in both political parties.

Adjusted for rampant inflation, we are poorer, we are already drowning in debt, and we are less safe at home and abroad. Along the way, we also seem to have surrendered our “inalienable rights” and constitutionally protected freedoms to unaccountable, unelected, and arrogant bureaucrats.

How did this happen?

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Will we ever learn the truth?

Perhaps we were too quick to claim victory when the Soviet Union and Central Europe imploded in 1992.

Perhaps presidents from both parties long ago cooperated in implementing a “grand strategy” to subvert America’s national interests to those of power-mad monopolistic moguls who relish the prospect of hamstrung national governments and promote toothless, unaccountable globalist structures that they fund and steer.

No doubt, after at least three decades of failing on so many fronts, we cannot count upon brand-name influence-shapers, academics, consultants, or pundits to expose the trail of corrupt deceit. We must examine relevant evidence for ourselves.

One logical place to start is with papers from our past presidents’ time in office, particularly those concerning Bill Clinton and his successors. If these records are complete, they should help us trace links between presidential acts and the consequent benefits, if any, conferred upon donors, whether to campaigns or to charities associated with presidents and their families.

If, on the other hand, these records are not complete or if they contradict evidence stored elsewhere, then those of us who suspect that presidents from both parties have subverted American interests for personal gain may better understand who is trying to hide what from whom.