May 7, 2022

Totally blind to their illiberality, false “liberals” have for many decades made it their business to convince (hoodwink?) Americans into believing that in order for America to “move forward” we need to dump what it was established for: a nation of representative government, whose citizens hold ultimate power. The venue for this propaganda has been TV, the press, the schools, the workplace, and the churches. Funding has been provided by globalists, outside and inside our borders – a history suppressed and now quite saddled by a “Ministry of Truth.” (Who, for infamous example, has not heard of the self-appointed global “deity” with money to lavish on the disruption of governments, George Soros?)

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According to faux “liberals” and “progressives,” generally referred to as the Left, Americans must get on track toward a world government whose emerging outlines already show a world without borders, without freedom, without individuality, without incentive or hope to advance in one’s own ideas of progress and happiness, a world where dissidents are imprisoned or “canceled” from society.

Enough citizens were conned into accepting this neo-Marxist plan for the world, one that would trash America’s constitutional republic, that they approved it by voting for it, whether consciously or not. And enough elected officials were fooled (“encouraged”?) into believing in this “road to progress” as to justify violating their oath of office and helping set America on its way to a “New World Order,” that buzz-phrase introduced to the public by President George H. W. Bush. in 1990.

It was of course not stated – you had to figure it out for yourself – that this “road to progress” would mean down with sovereignty, down with borders, down with independence, down with freedom, onward toward global rule over the whole world.

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Where have we heard that before?

In the minds of many, this vision of “progress” is right for America because, well, doesn’t it come from the smartest people on earth?

I will not elaborate on that ridiculous idea. But it seems to me that after centuries of lessons in human behavior and conflict, today’s intellectual hotshots of the academy, in think-tanks, and the experts on public policy completely ignore the great body of instructive evidence regarding people and the actual world, yet go blithely ahead to launch schemes for “improvement.” Wouldn’t such fundamental research help avoid plans that would in fact degrade life for everybody? Is it possible that Left-leaning reformers of the world don’t actually believe in improving life for everyone, that their goal has nothing to do with human progress?

Looks to me like such a goal has been spawned in a mental underworld where people are regarded as chattel and therefore expendable. Do such triflers with human life not see that they too are “people”? How would they keep themselves isolated from the boomeranging consequences of their inhumane schemes?

So, who are these Lords of Society who deign to play with people as though they are pawns in political games? Well, thanks to a tectonic shift in public awareness – the unintended effect of a virus, no less! – masks are falling, and more attention is being trained on elected representatives in government and on corporate heads whose aggressive action to upend our way of life rivals that of any tyrant, past and present.

What they aim for, wittingly or not, is a reenactment of the old master/slave arrangement of society. Against that arrangement, American colonists struggled, fought, and won a country for people who love independence, freedom, and justice by constitutional law, not by mob rule or fat-government edict. Does anyone really believe that “masters” of the 21st century have greater intelligence, more sense, more virtue than all who came before them and, for that matter, anyone else today?