June 13, 2022

Most of us already know how we are going to vote in November.  “Use Your Head and Vote Red” is a good answer to the other side’s “Vote Blue, No Matter Who.”  We know in advance how the elections are going to turn out in hardcore Republican and Democratic states and enclaves.  We do not expect California or New York to elect Republicans, nor are Wyoming and Idaho likely to elect Democrats.  All the other races will, however, be decided by the swing voters who hold the balance of power, and it is to them we must appeal.

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Sun Tzu noted in his Art of War that one should attack what the enemy cannot defend and defend what the enemy cannot attack.  This is why we must direct our complete attention to BLM and its ties with the Democrat party.

BLM’s Fall from Grace

The murder of George Floyd propelled Black Lives Matter into the forefront of American politics, where people perceived it as a champion of civil rights and police reform.  Its subsequent behavior demonstrated instead that it is little if at all better than the evils against which it claimed to fight.  All of these should become Republican talking points this summer and, more importantly, in September and October prior to the midterm elections.

  1. BLM has provoked and incited the very kinds of incidents that have resulted in the justifiable homicides of Black people along with two of Kyle Rittenhouse’s Caucasian assailants.
    • When BLM libelously accuses a police officer of “murdering,” for example, Hakim Littleton, who is on bodycam video pointing a gun at the head of another officer, it is telling people it is OK to point guns at police officers.  Then they wonder why Black people and “allies” who act on this guidance get shot.
    • When BLM protests the shooting of Ricardo Munoz, who is on bodycam video advancing on a police officer while brandishing a knife, it is telling its listeners that it is OK to menace police with knives.  The same goes for calling it murder when a cop shot Ma’Khia Bryant, who was on bodycam video with an upraised knife over another Black person.
    • When BLM libelously accuses Kyle Rittenhouse of “murdering” two of his assailants, they are telling people it is OK to commit strong-arm robbery involving a firearm, as Rittenhouse’s first assailant did, and to run after somebody while yelling violent threats and brandishing weapons.
    • When a (Caucasian) BLM activist records a video that shows how to break into occupied cars, cut seat belts, and “remove” drivers, she is telling them how to get shot legally, run over legally, and/or sent to prison for up to a life sentence in places like Florida that seem (not legal advice) to call this “burglary-battery.”
    • Black Lives Matter has also endorsed looting, a property-only crime that does not justify deployment of deadly force.  If, however, the looting involves a physical confrontation with, for example, a store owner, it can easily escalate to robbery (forcible taking), which does justify deadly force.  It can also leave the looter with the kind of felony record that BLM complains ruins Black lives.  Teen Vogue reports that one looter is facing three to seven years in prison for stealing some dish soap even though the dish soap was doubtlessly worth far less than the $500 cap for misdemeanor petty theft.  The individual in question was, however, charged with burglary and looting, which escalates the action to a felony.  The article adds that 160 people are facing felony charges for similar behavior, and BLM as represented by one of its leaders said it was OK to do this.
  2. Black Lives Matter, as represented by Patrisse Cullors, has denied the right of Israel to exist.  Cullors said to “step up boldly and courageously to end the imperialist project that’s called Israel.”  Neither the Anti-Defamation League nor the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance define mere disagreement with the policies of Israel as anti-Semitic, but both classify denial of Israel’s right to exist as such.
    • The Democrat party, as of June 11, 2022, still links to BLM Organizing Resources as well as Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the arguably racist and anti-Semitic hate group that chanted racist slogans like “white interloper” outside Freddy’s Fashion Mart in 1995.  A deranged individual later acted on this hate speech by setting the store on fire and killing seven people, including a Black security guard, whom the NAN depicted as a “cracker-lover.”
    • The Democrat party page links to BLM petitions, and this is but one click away from a page that says, among other things, “Support Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) Movement” and links in turn to the BDS movement itself.  I am sure that, if the RNC website linked, even via two clicks, to a white supremacist website, the Democrats would be all over it, and rightly so, but the Democrats have no problem linking to the Hamas-American Bund.
  3. Black Lives Matter was exposed as long ago as 2020 for using 501(c)(3) tax-exempt resources to campaign against Donald Trump.  The organization no longer claims to be able to accept tax-deductible contributions, nor does the contribution link to ActBlue Charities appear on its website.  If the IRS acted against BLM’s 501(c)(3) status, it has certainly not confided in me, nor should it do so, but there is plenty of precedent.  First, political activity is a top priority for investigation by the IRS’s Exempt Organization Division, as shown by the fast-track Political Activity Compliance Initiative (PACI).  Second, the IRS has revoked numerous tax exemptions, generally from churches that have tried to influence elections.  The Church at Pierce Creek, for example, lost its tax exemption for publishing an ad that said Christians should not vote for Bill Clinton.  The material BLM published on its website was equally explicit against Donald Trump.
    • Allegations of election fraud in 2020 carry less and less weight with swing voters, who hold the balance of power to decide the 2022 elections.  Evidence of BLM’s efforts, while accepting tax-deductible contributions, to influence the 2020 presidential election, including, among other things, an explicit interview in which Patrisse Cullors said the goal was to get Trump out of office, plus a website that equated Trump with a Nazi with a neck tattoo, is, on the other hand incontrovertible.  The swing voters can see for themselves how BLM abused their trust and the trust of the American people in general.

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All of these are strong arguments to “use your head and vote red” this November.

Civis Americanus is the pen name of a contributor who remembers the lessons of history and wants to ensure that our country never needs to learn those lessons again the hard way.  The author is remaining anonymous due to the likely prospect of being subjected to “cancel culture” for exposing the Big Lie behind Black Lives Matter.

Image: Johnny Silvercloud via Flickr (cropped), CC BY-SA 2.0.