May 16, 2022

We need to talk about why Republicans don’t talk about the most important and visible issues in front of the electorate at any given time. As a party, Republicans are incredibly bad about not getting in front of the narrative-du-jour and shaping the public discussion. Instead, they continually let the Democrats and the liberal media set the parameters, define the rules and control the ball. The Democrats and their media allies dominate the communications game and conservative Republicans are always playing catch-up and never quite getting there.

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Here are some good examples from the recent past:

Hands up, don’t shoot

In the August 2014 Michael Brown incident, Brown (a young black man) was shot by white police officer Darren Wilson. Brown had committed a crime and was stopped by Wilson. While Wilson sat in his car, Brown punched him and attempted to take his gun, resulting in the confrontation in which Brown was shot. No such “Hands up, don’t shoot” moment ever occurred. This was a total lie put forth by the usual progressive race-hustlers and eagerly swallowed up by the leftist media.

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The media used this event to portray all police officers (and by extension, all conservatives) as racists who unfairly and indiscriminately shoot blacks at their whim. Republicans never bothered to mount any meaningful public counter to this false narrative, even after multiple investigations and extensive testimony showed that Brown was clearly in the wrong and the shooting was totally justified. Instead, this incident is widely credited with the founding of the divisive BLM movement.

Tax Cuts for the Rich

This one is a favorite of liberals everywhere. Both the major tax cuts under President W. Bush in 2001 and 2003 and the big 2018 tax reduction under President Trump have been derided oh-so-predictably by liberals as “tax cuts only benefitting their rich doners.” That’s hogwash, of course. (Even the very liberal yahoo.com says President Trump’s tax cuts benefitted the middle-income earners the most.) The rate reductions benefitted all taxpaying Americans, in every income bracket. The salient point is that Republican politicians never refute the Democratic lies about “tax cuts for the rich.” Why don’t they? This should be an easy one — the numbers are irrefutable.

Overturning Roe vs. Wade

This one is huge. A draft of the decision to overturn Roe v Wade was deliberately leaked by an unethical Democratic operative for the purpose of casting all Republicans as “anti-women.” By demonstrating that the conservative-leaning Supreme Court would outlaw the pivotal Roe vs. Wade ruling, Democrats hoped to bring abortion to the fore as a 2022 election issue, thus diverting attention away from the utter debacle of Democratic governance in every single economic and foreign policy category.

In point of fact, the Court’s Roe proposed ruling (still a draft, not a final decision) merely says that the original 1973 case was wrongly decided, and that the Court actually didn’t have the legitimate jurisdiction to fabricate a Constitutional “right” to abortion based on any so-called privacy clause of the Constitution. Instead, the issue of abortion should be one of state’s rights, decided by the voters and legislature of each respective state. The Court’s proposed ruling does not “outlaw” abortion nor take away access to abortion.