September 26, 2022

                                                            Show me the man, I’ll show you the crime.
                                                                                    Lavrentiy Beria, Stalin’s Secret Police Chief

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One favorite technique of mass-murdering communist dictators is using their country’s “justice” system to destroy their political opponents. 

This technique is needed when one knows that even when the vote is rigged one might not be able to beat that opponent at the ballot box.  One cannot let the peasants get the dangerous idea that the opponent is popular with the people.

Beria’s rationale could arguably be that that since everyone, no matter how upstanding, has done something illegal at some point in their life, one can eliminate anybody one wants while claiming the mantle of the selfless justice warrior by investigating relentlessly until one discovers that one crime.  That is just one interpretation, another is that words and acts can be twisted to fit the desired mold.

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Either way, the rationale requires that one abandon the most basic principles of a fair justice system, the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty

For, if one’s opponent is Mr. T, this technique requires that one presumes that T is guilty, because one assumes that everyone is guilty, and harasses him with endless investigations until one turns up the crime that must be there somewhere.

 Perhaps one accuses T of colluding with some enemy state R to steal an election and launches a public defamatory investigation of him.  Even if one does not find the collusion and it turns out that it was his opponent, Mrs. C, who had colluded with R to cheat in the election, one has, at least, dirtied him up and generated a lot of hate against him in the public. 

If that fails, perhaps one accuses him of trying to get some quid pro quo from country U in order to win an election, specifically to investigate some known drug user H who is clearly involved in foreign deals dangerous to the country. 

When that doesn’t work perhaps one accuses T of knowing that enemy country R put bounties on the head of his military but did nothing about it. 

If he was a businessman perhaps one accuses him of business or tax crimes.  When even this, which one had assumed was a sure thing because all top businessmen push the envelope, fails to find any crimes, one might even resort to word-games to fabricate crimes.  This calumny is all much easier if one is blessed with an mentally-and-morally-vacant “news” media that is willing bulge their eyes and hyperventilate on cue as they read the script of each new hoax as it is rolled out.