June 9, 2022

Leftists in the Biden administration have finally outrun their headlights and (again) exposed the failures of Marxism. What must we do to stop them now that we have that hard proof?

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So, here’s a question for you: Where is the American anger at what is being done to us? Yes, done to us! There should be outrage. Yet, I only see people sheepishly wondering when the price of gas will come back down.

Joe Biden and the administration leftists again demonstrated that Marxist progressive socialism fails every time it is tried. In three key examples discussed below, it has taken just 15 months to glaringly show Marxism’s failure well beyond any logical defense.

Our leaders are not incompetent because incompetent people occasionally stumble into correct decisions. It isn’t possible to screw things up this badly, especially this quickly, if not on purpose.

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Marxists must collapse our economy, our culture, the family, and our founding documents if America is to be taken out of the way and absorbed into their globalist end goal. Let’s look at the top three drivers (the fourth one being education reform, which is the only one with serious pushback, to date):


Donald Trump left us with production elasticity and as net exporters of energy. Biden deliberately blew it up because the administration fully supports the big lie that is the Climate Change/Green agenda. The Climate Change movement has nothing to do with saving the environment and has everything to do with the collapse of our economy and the rise of globalist domination once America is neutered.

Greens, to that end, use misguided and disproven arguments that fossil fuel use must be immediately curtailed to save the planet. Greens do not care if people starve or freeze, even though they have no workable replacement for our total energy needs. Greens block all nuclear power options, which would be a clean solution, further demonstrating that their goal is economic collapse and not climate.

Biden cut, and now refuses to expand, US energy production, yet he is trying to convince the Saudis to pump more oil to alleviate the crisis he created. Same difference. Leftists don’t seem to understand irony.

Andy Kessler wrote in his 2011 book Eat People, that productivity uses the most abundant and lowest cost components (raw materials, labor, energy) until that resource becomes scarce, or until a more efficient, less costly resource is available. We saw that in the replacement of iron with steel for railroad tracks a century ago, as a simple example that created parallel uses such as skyscrapers and the auto industry.