June 15, 2022

Historian Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote an acclaimed book called Team of Rivals in which she described Abraham Lincoln’s recruitment of the ablest men of the time for his cabinet.

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We are witness to the exact opposite. Joe Biden seems intent on assembling a team of the least able. I’m calling it Team of Fools.

I have written extensively about Biden’s shortcomings. Nothing exceeds his capacity for choosing the wrong people. It would be difficult to zero in on Biden’s worst choice, but his Homeland Security Secretary would be a good candidate.

Alejandro Mayorkas has me somewhat confused. I can’t tell if he is a consummate liar or just plain delusional. Mayorkas claimed that his message to migrants heading to the U.S. is: “Do not come.” Then he declared that, “Our border is not open.” He also asserted his department has “a handle” on migration. “We’re not letting people loose,” he said. More blatant lies never have been uttered.

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In direct contradiction to his statements and his sworn duty to uphold the law, Mayorkas deliberately has allowed more than a million to cross our southern border illegally.

“The vast majority of those people are single adults—not families fleeing poverty,” said Liz Peek on Fox News, “and the total includes 40 men on the terror watch list.

Under Mayorkas, deaths due to drug overdoses topped 100,000 for the first time ever, the vast majority from fentanyl, imported from China and Mexico across our southern border.”

If Biden lifts Trump-era curbs on migrants entering the U.S., the number of illegals coming in will jump to 5 million or more per year.

“By the end of Joe Biden’s first term,” said Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, “nearly 20% of all Americans will be here illegally.” Mayorkas’ excuse for lying is that he works 18 hours a day. “When Republicans take back control of the House this fall,” Liz Peek suggests, “they should impeach Mayorkas and let him catch up on his beauty sleep.”

Not to be outdone, we have Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellin.