May 9, 2022

Decision: a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. Origin: late Middle English (‘bring to a settlement’): from French décider, from Latin decidere ‘determine’, from de- ‘off’’ + caedere ‘cut’. Webster’s.

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In a sense, important decisions frequently cut-off options and at times, even life itself.


One important issue as the 2022 American election approaches is the Solomon’s wisdom-requiring topic of abortion. The political, psychological, psycho-social, and spiritual domains are as consequential as the legal conundrums surrounding Roe v Wade.

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Many contemporary independent, educated, and mindful women say, “It is my body and I decide what to do with it, my pregnancy, and my healthcare, period!”

In a basic legal and medical ethics sense of course, they are correct. Women in America have genuinely won the long battle against their early oppressed days as a man’s chattel. They have fought and triumphed to gain unquestioned potential legal equality and political power. America’s first female vice president Harris is a good example. No male or female can undo this evolved and evolving political reality in America.

But a woman’s choice to share her body with a man for pleasure, love, procreation, marriage, or all four, brings other complex issues into focus when a pregnancy occurs. Most ideally, a pregnancy involving a loving bond of shared intimacy between life-partners results in shared pleasure, responsibility, and two biological contributions, particularly two sets of DNA.

In this preferable context an abortion decision involves two responsible persons, not one! If the partners starkly disagree about an abortion after careful prayerful consideration, then the woman’s decision would of course in the end be determinative; even if major psychological, marital, or relationship conflicts occur over the serious disagreement. It is best of course if the partners could come to an agreement about not merely birth control but ending a potential life of a member of their family.

In too many instances the father or impregnating male is either unaware, indifferent, or absents himself from any role during or after the pregnancy or delivery. Such circumstances are profoundly sad for the mother, the man, and our American society. Absent fathers impose enormous psychological damage and consequences for children and a society.

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