June 16, 2022

Over the past two decades, far too many citizens of the United States have willingly surrendered their rights and freedoms and now they are on the cusp of being unrestorable.  This erosion and voluntary forfeiture have empowered the ruling elites/radical left.  Ominous societal conditions have been created that risk national dissolution or a civil war.

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Three events in the past twenty-one years have been the primary catalysts that have accelerated and exacerbated this seemingly irreversible outcome.  The first: the reaction to the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001; the second: the election of Barack Obama; and the third: the lockdown and medical tyranny of the Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic.

After the events of September 11, 2001, Congress, with no outcry from the populace and near unanimous agreement from both political parties, passed the Patriot Act and other legislation.  These laws expanded the definition of terrorism and the government’s ability to define, at their whim, what “terrorism” is.  Further, the government was granted near unlimited power to combat whatever was defined as “terrorism.”  Within less than ten years that power was turned against the American people and new catch phrases began to be used by the ruling class: “white supremacy” and “domestic terrorism”.

A new era was spawned which allowed the government to use its newly acquired powers to spy on and intimidate innocent Americans at home and abroad.  Thus, the post-September 11, 2001 era began an accelerated erosion of these freedoms:

  1. Freedom of Speech: as the definition of terrorism and the government’s power to confront it expanded, any non-violent civil disobedience can lead to a terrorist label and potential prosecution depending on the whim of the party in power. Additionally, the government can also coerce conventional and social media companies into censoring, on behalf of the party in power, speech they consider to be disinformation or sedition.
  2. Equal Protection Under the Law: in direct violation of the 14th Amendment the government can and does routinely surveil Americans and can choose to, unbeknownst to those persons, place them on watch or no fly lists because of their political affiliation.
  3. Freedom of Association: the government has the power to monitor and infiltrate (under the guise of fighting domestic “terrorism”) any domestic political or religious group solely on the basis of political activism. Whether that group has a been convicted of a crime in the past or not is immaterial.
  4. Freedom From Unreasonable Searches and Seizures: the government can conduct searches and wiretaps without probable cause, coerce private communication companies into surrendering their users data and seize property without any initial due process.

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Barack Obama, the most malevolent president in American history, greatly accelerated the process of eroding American freedoms.  Obama and his henchmen set out to deliberately fan the flames of race and identity politics in order to divide an essentially undivided citizenry.  In 2010 only13% Americans were greatly concerned or worried about the state of race relations in the country (it skyrocketed to 42% by the end of Obama’s second term).  Their goal was to foment racial animosity and riots with the objective of enhancing the power of the central government by further diminishing the rights of the people.

Obama unabashedly and falsely claimed that racism is permanently embedded in America’s DNA (i.e., systemic racism).  He rarely missed an opportunity to pour gasoline on potentially volatile occurrences even if the facts were unknown or totally fabricated.  He effectively espoused blatant racism and discrimination against the white population by promoting radical racist doctrines such as Critical Race Theory.  

It is not an overstatement to say that Obama’s treachery has been successful in convincing far too many Americans to foolishly accept the lie that this nation is irredeemable because of systemic racism therefore radical transformation of society is necessary. 

This ongoing transformation includes: censorship of what leftists define as hate speech or misinformation, the de facto elimination of the Second Amendment, the eradication of freedom of association, the nullification of equal protection under the law, and the purging of economic and religious freedom.    

The third event that hastened the loss of freedoms was the deliberate overreaction to the Chinese Coronavirus and the attendant lockdowns and medical tyranny.  Like 9/11, a crisis created new opportunities to restrict freedom in the name of protecting the people from a so-called “existential” threat.

A lone surfer was arrested on April 2, 2020 dfor violating Covid restrictions

YouTube screengrab (cropped)

Freedom of speech, the right of bodily autonomy, freedom to worship or travel or associate were abrogated by political leaders using unlawful “emergency” powers.  Unconstitutional governmental mandates covering virtually all aspects of daily life and medical treatment with unproven vaccines that did not work were enforced.  With little or no push back from the citizenry, governments unnecessarily shuttered schools, forced businesses to close and to dismiss or fire employees for disobeying government mandates, and passed new coercive laws while spending trillions on their favored causes.