June 21, 2022

The outstanding feature of the Democrat Party is how well it mirrors the descent of the culture.  Check that — Democrats don’t just mirror our rotting culture, they’re leading the race off the cliff.  That’s what progressivism — the Democrats’ defining worldview — does: it daily leads a once godly and moral nation toward a Grand Canyon-sized hole.  Sometimes in tiny steps, other times in sprints.  Lately, it’s a sprint. 

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Progressivism is a catchall for modern decadence — rationalized, deemed fashionable, and pimped by elites.  Democrats have become updated versions of debauched Roman emperor Caligula and his court. 

The list of debaucheries Democrats’ champion is long.  They offer a dark, vulgar, inverted world: Criminals are victims, and victims are disregarded.  Democrat-run cities teem with hoodlums and worse.  Cities are becoming illicit drug sanctuaries.  The homeless (mentally and emotionally disturbed, drug and/or alcohol addicted) roam streets like extras from the Walking Dead.  Abortion is no longer about being “legal, safe, and rare.”  It’s naked infanticide.  Institutional corruption appears endemic (the FBI, DoJ, and much of corporate America, for example).  Decades-old sexual permissiveness was the gateway to today’s spreading sexual perversion.             

Take the openly lesbian Michigan attorney general, Dana Nessel.  No one would give a fig about her sexual preference but for a comment she made. 

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Fox News, June 15:

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel reportedly said Wednesday that “drag queens make everything better” and that there should be “a drag queen for every school” during an event in Lansing.

Later, Nessel backtracked, claiming “she was only joking.”  But it’s an odd joke, given the very public storm raised recently about efforts to sexually indoctrinate (“groom”) kids, starting in preschool and kindergarten.  Hence, we’ll say that Nessel is just trying to weasel out of her offhand endorsement of staging degenerate spectacles for children.           

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has a decidedly different take than Nessel’s.

Blaze Media, June 10

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he was considering sending Child Protective Services against people exposing children to drag shows.