September 12, 2022

There is growing hand-wringing among the devil’s den in D.C. that the American people’s cratering confidence in the Department of Injustice and Fascist Bureau of Investigation will lead to absolute anarchy in the streets.  Considering both institutions have been vocal cheerleaders for Black Lives Matter and Antifa domestic terrorists and that Democrats’ war on police and support for open borders have succeeded in producing skyrocketing crime rates throughout the country without any pushback from Merrick Garland or Chris Wray, their mercurial concern for the rule of law seems grounded in nothing more than risible self-interest.  They don’t trust us!  Worse, they don’t fear us!  What if they learn not to obey?

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Here’s a truth that tens of millions of Americans understand: if the sweeping criminal enforcement arm of the federal Leviathan disappeared tomorrow, life for the vast majority of citizens would go unchanged.  It might even improve.  We are spoon-fed this Big Government fallacy from kindergarten on up that absolute chaos lurks behind every corner if not for the protections provided from our beneficent bureaucratic masters who maintain order and peace.  That’s absurd propaganda meant to keep Americans conditioned into accepting total government control.

The infantile dependence on government agents for security and survival is a recent phenomenon that does nothing but legitimize limitless State power.  When our ancestors were settling the wilderness of this expansive continent just a few generations ago, they didn’t stop their wagon trains every time they reached the boundary between civilization and the frontier.  Nobody looked around and said, “Okay, we better wait here until the federal government catches up and finds time to build some interstate highways, a national police force, a welfare system, and proper surveillance technology to keep us all in line.”  Rugged individualism, family commitment, community, camaraderie, vigilance, and religious devotion built this country from the ground up — not the bloodsucking apparatchiks of the bloated administrative State.

Personal responsibility and morality play far greater roles in promoting social peace than any government regulator recording names or bureaucratic billy club smashing heads.  In American communities where citizens work, play, and pray together, peace and harmony exist without the need for some authoritarian police State breathing down everyone’s neck.  Is it any wonder, then, why Big Government proselytizers frown upon public pronouncements in support of religious faith, morality, or personal responsibility, when those three pillars for a stable society greatly reduce the need for heavy-handed punishment and bureaucratic enforcement (not to mention, lifelong federal pensions)?  Tens of thousands of towns across the country wouldn’t miss a beat if our highly politicized DOJ and FBI disbanded tomorrow because, despite the “woke” cultural degradation wreaking havoc within blue city-states and leftist enclaves, a robust American spirit still thrives in red regions that encourages self-reliance and an aversion toward abject dependence upon the political calculations of civil authorities — especially when wrestling with the weighty moral consequences separating right from wrong.

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What about all the Chinese spies and other foreign threats within our borders?  Who will keep track of all of them?  Well, maybe the federal government should refrain from filling its ranks with foreign agent-saboteurs and consider shutting down the Southern border once and for all — you know, the kind of commonsense actions that ordinary Americans would have taken long ago, if not for the vexingly anti-American policies bubbling up from the D.C. Swamp.  Who will pre-emptively read through Americans’ email, text, and phone call “metadata” in search of “threats” that may or may not exist?  Twenty years after the post-9/11 PATRIOT Act architecture redefined Americans’ constitutional rights without amendment ratification or public permission, perhaps it is time for Americans to insist that federal officers once again deign to establish probable cause and execute valid warrants before they go snooping where they have not been invited.  Maybe it is time for citizens to recognize that with their silence and compliance, they have handed away a mountain’s worth of personal liberty for an anthill’s hollow promise that they would remain secure.  Any way you slice it, nothing about the expansive, entrenched, and cumbersome national security Deep State that exists today is remotely conducive to Americans’ constitutional rights or personal liberties. 

The surveillance state buttressed by the DOJ and FBI justifies its enduring need to violate Americans’ privacy by disseminating waves of fear to the public and pretending that its existence, however unsavory, is critical for Americans’ personal survival.  It is far past time for Americans to recognize this ruse as the con it is and reclaim their inherent freedoms.  We have many grand American traditions.  The FBI is not one of them.  Neither the Constitution nor American history supports the existence of a quasi-independent national security force unconscionably vested with such broad authority to engage in domestic espionage, counterintelligence, and criminal enforcement as to render it omnisciently powerful.  That Congress and successive presidential administrations for the last century have allowed an institution possessing such supremacy over citizens to exist at all undermines the U.S. Constitution’s principal guarantees against abusive government.  Even if it were led by and staffed with Americans of the highest moral character, its presence in a free nation would remain an abomination.

Whatever the FBI’s past successes, it poses entirely too much of a threat to both Americans’ liberty and security.  Given its highly political and suspect activities during the last decade and longer, those threats are no longer theoretical.  Without the FBI wasting law enforcement resources pursuing politically explosive yet highly questionable arrests near every election season, perhaps crime rates would actually drop.  Certainly Chris Wray’s agents would no longer need to organize fake kidnapping attempts or set up fake terrorist attacks as part of the FIBbers’ relentless efforts to inflate their own “domestic extremism” numbers!  Without a doubt, many parents attending local school board meetings and conservative political protesters exercising constitutional rights would sleep better knowing that the strong-arm of the lawless won’t be breaking down their doors in the middle of the night under the color of legal authority!  Maybe President Trump could even run for re-election again without having to defend against the Obama-Biden Gestapo constantly working to indict him or his supporters for daring to confront Deep State hegemony!  Or does “democracy” survive only in the imposed darkness of FBI raids, home invasions, illegal general warrants, property confiscations, intimidation, and forced compliance?

The DOJ-FBI monstrosity that now exists is another powerful example of how a nation’s culture ultimately determines a nation’s fate.  Because so much business of the State today occurs in secret and beyond citizens’ oversight, it has never been more important for ordinary citizens and their government to share a common culture keeping their interests aligned.  When the bureaucracy does not share the people’s beliefs, then it persistently acts contrary to their wishes.  It replaces Americans’ wants and needs with its own.  And like any apex beast, it becomes a danger to those who dare threaten its control.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.