May 5, 2022

By now it is widely known that Disney will be adding many LGBT characters to help groom our kids for early sexual activity of all kinds (with the likely unintended consequence of helping prepare many for sex traffickers and pedophiles).  In Virginia, news coverage of parents protesting the indoctrination of their children in the woke CRT and LGBT agendas at school board meetings in Loudoun County helped close some doors to the sex-obsessed left who want to hypersexualize our kids from K-12. 

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The Loudoun County protests also resulted in an unexpected loss for (former VA governor and fundraiser for the Clintons) Terry McAuliffe (D) in his run for governor against a political novice, Glenn Youngkin (R).  McAuliffe’s defeat was assured only after he reinforced the leftist notion that parents have no say in what their children are taught.  

With a new supportive governor and control in the House we Virginians at least thought the door to the public-school gender fluidity indoctrination of our youth was finally under control.  However, an email bulletin sent out by Family Foundation of Virginia president Victoria Cobb on 4/14/2022 warned that the left has found another way to reach kids with sexually explicit materials. 

Once again the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) is promoting instructional material that contains links to websites that are peddling objectionable and lewd content — this time to school administrators, school nurses, teachers, and other school personnel, who in turn can share the materials with children attending public schools. (snip)

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“Included among the “Sexual Health” resources is a link to the website for Advocates for Youth Advocates for Children and Youthwhich promotes campaigns like “Abortion Out Loud” and “Free the Pill Youth Council”; offers resources for abortion access; and provides an animated video series called “Amaze” aimed at young kids that talks about issues like abortion, sex, sexuality, and sexual identity — all topics that should be reserved for parents. 

It is noteworthy that the “Amaze” video series mentioned above was also cited by Tucker Carlson several weeks ago regarding one of their videos recommending porn as a healthy activity for kids.  And “Amaze” is not the only school resource available for sexual indoctrination of kids.  A year ago, Jonathan Koeppel, a teacher in the Saint Tammany Parish school district in Louisiana, voiced similar concerns about the cute animated videos from another school resource called “BrainPOP” that also include sexually explicit material.  His powerful message at a school board meeting was picked up by Fox News, PragerU, and many others.  He said “This isn’t a political indoctrination camp, okay?  It’s public education.  We want to teach education, not left-wing ideas that aren’t backed up by facts or science.” 

The larger question is what has happened to turn our public schools into radical leftist indoctrination centers?  The aforementioned involvement by the Virginia Department of Health is likely connected to a new program the CDC is pushing.   Some related research by Glenn Beck provided this connection.  

Glenn and his team uncovered the origin of the progressive plan to move from universities straight to kids in K-12. Glenn and his researchers traced back as far as possible and have landed point-blank at the government, through the CDC.  (snip)

The government’s solution came directly from the Centers for Disease Control in the form of an education model called Whole School. Whole Community. Whole Child.

The model began to change the role of schools and teachers into places of therapy. This model is based on the assumption that every child has some issue. The trick was to identify what it was, then push them into one of their little oppressed or oppressor groups,