May 9, 2022

Chris Rodriguez is a congressional candidate running in California and is a breath of fresh air.  He has overcome hardship to achieve the American dream.  He stepped up to the plate after 9/11 and enlisted in the Marines.  Now he wants to serve in a different capacity, running in the 49th Congressional District  against Mike Levin.

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Below is the interview with Chris.  Anyone who wants to learn more should go to his website, https://rodriguezforcongress.us/issues.

Elise Cooper: Why run?

Christopher Rodriguez: I am running in California’s 49th District, a purple district, against the incumbent, Mike Levin.  I want to put integrity and honesty and professionalism back into politics.

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I ran because I saw the First Amendments threatened: freedom of religion, speech, and press; the right to assemble; and the right to petition our government.

The mindset of every congressional candidate should be to get things accomplished in the two years they are serving.

EC: Who is supporting you?

CR: I am supported by some of the top major super-PACs. I was the first Republican in California that Kevin McCarthy supported under his Young Guns Radar Program.  He and the Republican Party have designated this district as one of the top pickups.  I am endorsed by the California Republican Assembly, the largest and oldest organization in California.  I know that to win, I have to bring onboard independents and even some Democrats.  I hope everyone looks at my policies and what I stand for regarding the issues.  They can go to my website, https://rodriguezforcongress.us/issues.  I detail a type of contract with America regarding inflation, election reform, education, border security, and many more issues.

EC: What about your military career?

CR: When I went into the Marines, I was committed to what this country stands for and wanted to defend it.  I fought in the War on Terror in Iraq, first deployment in Baghdad, and second deployment in Fallujah.  I joined because I wanted to serve my country after 9/11.  I got injured in Fallujah from a rocket-propelled grenade.  It blew up next to my head.  I received a Purple Heart.  Because of the traumatic brain injury, I had to leave the Marine Corps.  I lost multiple brothers during that war, three of whom I tattooed on my wrist when they passed.  I want to keep their legacy alive after they paid the ultimate sacrifice for the country.