May 1, 2022

Is this the hill that patriots will die on?  Is this the moment when MAGA nation says, “Hell, no”?  Is this the time when hardworking blue-collar Americans say with a unified voice: “We will not comply”?  Is this the legal case where the Supreme Court acts as if it is …the Supreme Court and declares Mr. Biden’s newly created Bureau of Disinformation unconstitutional from its inception?  Is this the final straw, where a clear plurality of Republicans “man up” and act as the opposition party should, and refuse to fund Mr. Biden’s “Ministry of Truth”?

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I think America and the rest of the world will know the answers to these questions soon.  If the answers are yes, we still have a country based on the U.S. Constitution.  If the answers are no, we are done as a democratic republic, and the Constitution has no teeth.

The Biden regime announced this past week the creation of the Ministry of Truth.  According to the Biden goons, the Ministry of Truth is necessary to fight off and thwart misinformation and disinformation.  The Biden regime and its henchmen, they and they alone, will decide what is truth and facts…and what is misinformation and disinformation.

This is horrific and a direct attack on the Constitution.  And it also puts citizens on notice that opinions, and ideas, and editorials, and online comments, and unapproved newspaper articles that are not government-approved…are now illegal.  Non-approved government speech, thought, and writings will become a crime.

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What Biden and his “Brown Shirts” are doing is exactly what dictators do.  They are making it illegal to have a different point of view.  The only ideas and thoughts and values allowed…will be those of the Biden regime and the Deep State apparatus.

Especially ominous is that Biden’s people are putting the Ministry of Truth in the Department of Homeland Security — the one that has all the guns, ammunition, and bombs, all the spying, surveillance, and espionage capabilities to “watch over” Americans.  Biden and his “Stasi” are serious about making it illegal to have a different point of view from the government’s.  They are making free thought, free speech, and free press illegal.

Mr. Biden has put himself on the same side as Stalin, Hitler, Castro, and Mao.  This is not an overstatement.  Communist China is pleased with Biden.  All of these dictators had in some way their own Ministry of Truth that did not allow the citizens to think and speak for themselves.  Biden and this Progressive regime will now make it illegal, and thus punishable by fees, forfeiture,  and prison time, to think and believe and say as Americans wish.

George Orwell in his dystopian novels 1984 and Animal Farm predicted this decades ago.  What Biden and his Progressive party are doing is right out of Orwell’s novels.  Only dictators limit free speech.  Only despots censure different opinions.  Only evil human beings do not allow for a different point of view.

Make no mistake about this Ministry of Truth: it is not about misinformation and disinformation.  It is about criminalizing speech, thoughts, and ideas that the government does not approve of.

The Biden regime and the Deep State are the same cabal that has put the J-6 freedom fighters in jail without official charges filed against them or bail being afforded to them.  As Biden does this, Xi Jinping smiles, and Stalin nods in approval.  When a group of evil people who are in charge of government put American citizens in gulags, which violates the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, then that same government will certainly criminalize speech that has not been approved by government.  This is not a slippery slope; this is a suicidal cliff from the beginning.