October 8, 2022

The summer is behind us and as we proceed through this particular fall and winter, and temperatures drop in the northern hemisphere, it will cause many poor and even middle class families to face the fact that their relatively languorous efforts to dodge the summer heat will turn into a far more daunting and draining struggle to ward off the biting cold.

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And we’ll have Joe Biden and the Democrat party to thank for making that unpleasant task considerably more difficult.

The costs of electricity and home heating oil are climbing alarmingly. Food, gasoline, and all sorts of parts and equipment, indeed practically everything requiring transportation across a continental nation are becoming prohibitively expensive, if not altogether scarce.

We now see that the most costly purchase of all was what retailers might term an “impulse buy”: an extravagant selection carrying an exorbitant price but precious little utility. It was the ill-advised buy-in to Joe Biden’s claims to presidential fitness. Like an unfair tax, the burden of that mistake falls upon even those wiser voters unmoved by his bait and switch sales pitch.

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However much deceit and indeed fraud was involved in that unfortunate piece of election marketing, it’s now indisputable that his “victory” and opening executive order sallies into reversing any and all Trump policies — acts of personal spite every bit as much as political disagreement — served as the trigger for this un-transitory bout of inflation we’re experiencing, and all of the other economic woes clearly coming down the pike.

In early 2020, the Democrat brain trust — such as it was — came to the rather obvious conclusion that the gallingly popular Bernie Sanders was a certain Election Day loser should he somehow secure their nomination. But Trump needed to be turned out at any cost, and polls showed Biden was the man with the best chance to accomplish the job.

However the president needed to be softened-up first, so with the connivance of Trump haters embedded in the NSA and CIA, Pelosi and Schiff cooked up the Zelensky Phone Call impeachment. While of course not resulting in Trump’s removal, it effectively served the dual purpose of dirtying him while diverting needed scrutiny away from the corrupt actions of the ethically unbothered Biden family that might have torpedoed Joe’s ambitions to take on Trump.

It was a cynical, dishonest, and thoroughly reprehensible maneuver that did untold harm to the nation — but one that nevertheless worked like a charm.

The way was then clear to rid themselves of the pesky Sanders and anoint Biden their weathered champion; but it required an effort so opaque and underhanded it once again — as in 2016 on Hillary’s behalf — threatened to infuriate the party’s ascendant left wing and ignite dissension, even possibly cause a revolt.

Surprisingly though, once that messy sausage-making was complete and the other superfluous contenders bought or threatened off, the thwarted Sen. Sanders, still the Left’s darling but now a two-time victim of establishment machinations, seemed oddly sanguine — even accepting.