May 14, 2022

It has been chilling to watch the steady number of deaths, the territory invaded, the executions and rapes, the fear and the flight.  It is especially shocking because we had peace for so long, but now we see all the possibilities of evil coming out.

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I’m not talking about Ukraine — I’m speaking of an invasion right here in the United States.  Migrants, mostly Hispanic, are entering the U.S. at the rate of at least 2 million per year — or 20 million in the next decade — and with them come hundreds of thousands of violent gang members.  Meanwhile, our own inner-city gangs are spreading out into affluent suburban areas, invading high-end shopping areas and stealing from stores and individuals, often at gunpoint and with deadly consequences.

I am not being alarmist or racist.  I am simply describing what is happening and pointing out the future state of affairs if we do nothing.  If anything, my numbers are low, and my words cannot describe the horror of what is happening.

The most numerous victims of this invasion are blacks and Hispanics who are attacked by young men of their own race.  These are the forgotten men and women in our society, and this is a topic that mainstream news won’t cover because the killers are mostly black and Hispanic.  Just in 2020, the year of the “defund the police” protests, murders of blacks soared by 32%, and they’re only continuing.

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We’re seeing an explosion in the number of carjackings and car thefts, along with murders, home invasions, rapes, assaults, and other violent crimes, not just in our cities, but in suburban areas as well.  And authorities cannot or will not do anything to stop it.  There has always been violent crime in Chicago, but now there seems to be a crime wave, and it includes the murder of children, police officers, and the elderly.  The authorities mumble about “root causes,” but social work won’t reduce the numbers.  We are at war, and war requires the use of force.

The perpetrators are largely the same in every location: young black and Hispanic men, heavily armed and with no apparent conscience or morality.  They prey on the weak and take what they want, which seems to be money, sex, drugs, and a certain kind of street cred that they mistake for status.

These thugs now control the streets, even in many smaller cities.  Mayors like Lori Lightfoot seem to have given up.  They attempt to change the subject and ignore the problem, just as the Biden administration does.

Biden ignores the fact that we have been invaded by a powerful army of young men of similar backgrounds and natures — ruthless gang members and repeat offenders with the same teardrop tattoos signifying their having committed murder, the same cold, haughty stare, the same hostile swagger and domineering speech.  These criminals have become so familiar that even some middle-class whites, through popular culture and rap music, have mistaken them for Robin Hood–type heroes.

They are anything but heroes.  They inflict suffering and death on everyone around them.  Like half-starved lions released into the Coliseum, they exist only to murder and prey on the weak.

More Americans have died in this war over the past decade (some 200,000) than Ukrainians who have died in their war (13,000 according to a recent count), and American cities are beginning to resemble the bombed out shells of civilization we see in Mariupol and Kharkiv.  The difference is that everyone notices the destruction in Ukraine, but few understand the magnitude of violent crime in the U.S.  If the media coverage were honest and proportional, Americans would demand change.