September 27, 2022

New York magazine is suddenly realizing that the Republicans will likely retake the House of Representatives in the midterm election. They are not happy. They just ran a piece titled: “The MAGA House Will Make the Tea Party Look Tame.”  The article included this little beauty:

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If the tea party was rightfully derided as a hard-right, recalcitrant bloc with no serious interest in governing, the 2023 House Republican majority could make that era of instability seem almost quaint in comparison.

Panic much? The title is correct, and the quote, reeking with their utter disdain for Republicans, even illustrates how we got here. But the article didn’t ask the most important question: If conservatives are getting less tame, why is that?

It’s because our bureaucratic overlords and their Democrat sponsors are still not listening to the grievances of a large, and growing, number of Americans.

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Barack Obama was supposed to be our first postracial president. His election should have proved that we were moving past our racist history. He even promised us a unifying administration if elected. We took the bait and gave him a chance. He delivered divisiveness, uncontrolled borders,  worldwide apologies for America, and started us down the path of annual trillion-dollar deficits. 

We had concerns and wanted to talk. The Lightbringer’s response: “The election is over.” In other words: I won, you lost, no more discussion is necessary, deal with it. And with that, Barack Obama triggered the formation of the Tea Party.

The Tea Party started as a grassroots movement to push back against the leftist fiscal policies that would enslave our children to a mountain of debt. It was a peaceful movement. They held rallies and protests all over America. Everyone was welcome. There was no violence or vandalism. Rallygoers even picked up their trash at the end of every gathering. They unapologetically loved America and would do nothing to sully her. 

Did Obama and his leftist elites bother to talk to the Tea Party about its grievances? Absolutely not. Instead, they called the Tea Party racist. They claimed the Tea Party was a bunch of radical extremists. Then President Obama weaponized the IRS to attack the Tea Party supporters with abusive audits and denied their organizations the non-profit status the tax code said they were entitled to.

The constitutional rights of the Tea Party supporters were under assault. As the attacks escalated, the Tea Party morphed into a movement for constitutional adherence, government accountability, and America first. MAGA was born — though it wasn’t named yet.

And then Donald Trump came down the golden escalator. He didn’t create MAGA. MAGA drafted him. He agreed to fight for constitutional conservatives, and gave their movement a name — Make America Great Again. How very radical.