May 29, 2022

It is a cliche that politics makes strange bedfellows. People of wildly divergent views often snuggle up together in pursuit of common political goals. These coalitions tend to be inherently unstable, as they are usually tactical and short term in nature and not based on a common ideological/philosophical foundation. But sometimes these convenient hookups can begin to feel like more — sometimes the bedfellows come to believe they are in a committed relationship. They are almost always wrong.

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The Democratic Party’s goal of cementing a permanent majority through demographic change and immigration policy is a case study of what happens when assumptions about the seriousness of the relationship are taken too far. A breakup is coming, but not all the bedfellows see it for what it is. I am talking in this case about the Democratic Party in particular, and the key bedfellows are:

  1. The Democratic Political Class: strategists, consultants and professional politicians who seek to cynically leverage immigration policy for electoral gain
  2. The Insane Ideological Left, who despise our Western and Judeo/Christian heritage and everything it stands for
  3. The Favored Identity Groups of the Democrats, particularly blacks and Hispanics, which the other bedfellows look to as key foot soldiers in advancing their agendas

The Democratic Political Class

Starting in the 1990s, clever Democrat strategists and consultants began to observe a demographic shift in America: the traditional white majority was beginning to lose ground, while minorities were gaining in population share. Furthermore, this trend would persist over time. They crunched the numbers and concluded that all they had to do was encourage the continued expansion of non-white demographic groups and they would cement an Emerging Democratic Majority for all time! If they had to toss their traditional white working-class supporters aside to get there, so be it.

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So they went to work to open the flow of immigrants and refugees from every third-world country to tip the balance and cement permanent rule. Democrats have not hidden this.  Bill Clinton positively crowed in the 1990s about the fact that white Americans would become a minority within a few short generations. John Judis wrote the book linked above about this very thing. 

One of the weakest links in the progressive worldview is a childlike belief that the world works in linear and static ways, that what is, will continue to be. When human nature produces results that differ from their expectations it always seems to catch them by surprise. This is one of the fundamental causes of what is a pattern of Democrat “overreach”, in which progressive policies come crashing down when they encounter a vibrant and dynamic reality. This is what appears to be happening to the Democratic Political Class on Immigration and demographics. They have hitched themselves to the demographic shift theory, and they cannot seem to imagine that their current assumptions will prove untrue.

Insane Woke Ideologues 

On the other side of the bed lie woke progressives.  It is clear that the left actually wants to destroy America as it has existed for 250 years. We are the enemy. We are the problem to be solved. They love open borders as a key mechanism to erode white dominance and return our land to what they see as its rightful owners.   

Much of the energy fueling this drive is provided by intersectionality and critical theory. Whites and white men in particular are the most evil of oppressors in this view, and any and all policies that reduce their numbers and influence are eagerly pursued. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. They say it all the time. Ask Robin D’Angelo. Because this supports the political goals of the Democratic Political Class, there is harmony in the bed on the subject of immigration and demographic change.

But outside of immigration there is trouble.  Insane Ideologues are not good at staying on message, and the same intersectionality and CRT that have energized their views on immigration have spun up a madness that has spilled out of the academy, impacting the lives of average Americans and potentially threatening the emerging coalition. The Democratic Political Class is starting to see the dangers of letting out-of-control maniacs run the party’s agenda.