June 9, 2022

News commentator Matt Walsh has just released a documentary titled “What is a Woman?” He interviews many in the woke establishment, asking for a clear and concise reply to this simple question. The answers are full of academic gobbledygook and politically correct jargon about social constructs and “gender” identity. None of those he interviewed gave him a straightforward answer about what a woman is.

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Mr. Walsh should do a follow-up documentary with a different question. Something simpler. Instead of sinking into the impossible quagmire of “gender” ideology, maybe he could deal with something much more practical and urgent: an economic question.

The question would be: What is a loan?

The Urgent Matter of Student Loans

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It should not be difficult to get a straight answer since it involves a simple agreement between two consenting parties. Most people should know what a loan is. Americans have abided by the rules for generations.

However, the roaming scholar wandering around governmental and academic offices seeking clarity and definition would probably face a similar Matt Walsh trial. Today, many waffle in their definitions. This especially applies to student loans.

What makes the matter urgent is the $1.75 trillion in student loans now owed by some 46 million Americans (as of April 6, 2022).

Most students found these loans to be the easiest way to secure a degree from which they expected an excellent job. The mechanics of these loans are also relatively simple. It involves money being advanced to a student that must later be paid back with interest. The government has facilitated these transactions for decades.

However, government officials today have forgotten what a student loan is. They are attributing characteristics to these loans that they never had before. Moreover, the administration threatens to forgive student loans by executive order just in time for the midterm elections.

The Different Types of Loan Deniers