May 3, 2022

Out here in rural western Colorado, we’re going to have that honest conversation on race that Americans have been promised, but so far have been denied. The only thing that is now unique about the traditional black American experience is this: no other ethnic group—legally impaired or otherwise—in recorded history has been the beneficiary of such massive amounts of reparative private and public largesse with, comparatively, almost nothing to show for it. It has been a complete boondoggle, and the situation is now a national embarrassment. 

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On three consecutive Mondays this spring, a series of talks on Critical Race Theory (CRT) will debut in Mesa County, Colorado for a host of invitation-only private groups.  These talks will cover the unspeakable on the history of race in America, do a thorough examination of what CRT is really all about, and address why our target audience, an often overlooked and ridiculed segment of the nation’s population, might play a handy role in re-directing the country back to the original intent of America’s most peculiar institution—that is, our constitutional republic.

Mesa County Colorado (public domain image)

In that the talks will be extremely controversial, perhaps inspiring some to become emotionally unstable or physically violent, together with the other members of our planning committee, we’ve decided that attendance for the talks must be limited to select audiences that have gone through a type of vetting process.

The talks target a local rural American audience and encourage active participation. The participants that have signed on are from all walks of life—peach farmers, retired miners and oil riggers, ranchers, licensed therapists, parents of school-aged children, healthcare workers, local pastors, supermarket employees, and law enforcement officers. But despite their diversity, these people all have one thing in common: they are at a loss as to how to handle the onslaught of racial hysteria that is trying to invade their once peaceful and neighborly communities. In reality, what the audiences will be getting are private seminars on race that will help them to take the offense against the chaos that is headed their way.

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Understanding the history of black-white relations in this country, we think something very different is required, based on the primary role that race now plays in the rapid disintegration of our culture.  Members will receive individual packets of primary source historical materials, custom workbooks for note taking, and an array of relevant current events articles on CRT. Video content will be extremely limited, and recordings will not be allowed. Long winded speeches by “distinguished panelists” will not be a part of the programs; and by the last of the three talks, we will propose very easy to implement strategies for these everyday Americans to reclaim their status as free citizens of the longest standing constitutional republic in modern history. The strategies will focus first and foremost on helping the participants to use a robust  understanding of our founding documents to combat CRT.

Our seminars will offer participants historical deep-dives on an array of issues: the rarely talked consequences that arose from President Lincoln’s fiat mandates on slavery; why Booker T. Washington’s Atlanta Compromise was a poorly thought out and short-sighted solution to the “Negro problem” and how his logic provided a historical springboard for CRT.

Another topic that the talks will spend time addressing is the how the nation’s top colleges and universities have had a recent tradition of producing militant-anti American black scholars who have used their academic pedigree to reconstruct America’s race history, superimposing a question mark on the very legitimacy of the United States. Persons like Nikole Hanna-Jones, producer of the infamous 1619 Project, and her contemporaries, our research will show, are nothing more than a well-varnished but insecure class of black Americans who, a long time ago, made calculated decisions to leap-frog over a thorough and earnest study of the entirety of Western Civilization in search of a pot of gold. Their obsession with black power and their abominable ignorance of the 3,000-year backdrop that led to the founding of the United States has indeed paid rich returns. But in truth, Hanna-Jones and her lot are the real “bitter clingers” once referenced by the the 44th President of the United States.

We will not be presenting opinions. We will be presenting facts and evidence. Invitees must therefore come to their own conclusions based on what is to be provided. As facilitators, we will only initiate the discussion topics while providing the format and forum. In terms of the style of the talks, think of us as When A Prairie Home Companion and Brooklyn Collide. Very down-home with no time for messing around!

Based on our informal market research in Mesa County, we have discovered that the people are actually hungry for this information. Rural conservative counties in western blue states like this one are often overlooked and completely misunderstood. Although such counties provide the bread and beef for the rest of the country, the salt of the earth residents are often branded as good-for-nothing beasts of burden by their “betters,” mainly East Coast elitists in the media. But people here are waking up fast. Many now realize that the media in general are not providing them with truthful content.

Also, like other parents nationwide, people here are fighting to have a say in the curriculum that their children are taught; and they are quickly coming to the realization that schools just going back to reading, writing, and arithmetic is not the answer. If we are to get back to our founding American ideals, something more drastic will be needed; and not just for the children, but for all of us. Mesa County, Colorado residents are drawing a line in the sand.