June 12, 2022

The political left, all those who aren’t Christian, conservative, Republican, or any combination of the three, are fond of accusing Christians, conservatives, and Republicans of, among other things, extremism, white supremacy, and something called “radical individualism.”

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I have to admit the last one was a bit difficult to get a handle on the first few times I encountered it.  In all honesty, it still is, in large part because there’s no agreed upon definition for it.  Some thinkers use the words “individualism” and “radical individualism” interchangeably, as if they were identical; others do the same with “rugged-radical individualism.”  Many posit it as the antithesis of a supposedly beneficent and caring socialism or communism.  Still others acquaint it with the destruction of morality.

The only thing all the different thinkers and writers have in common is that they accuse Christians, conservatives, and Republicans of being guilty of it, as if it were some heinous crime, a blasphemy against all that is good and true in the world.

The left tries to pretend that radical individualism describes Americans who care more about protecting their personal liberty than the health of their communities.  If you want to be left alone to make your own decisions about vaccinations, masks, guns, morality, how to take care of your children; if you think abortion is murder; if you refuse to bow down to the claims of the LGBTQ-whatevers; if you insist there are only two sexes — in short, if you disagree with anything the left supports, you’re engaging in dangerously radical individualism.  Furthermore, they claim that radical individualism harms everyone, even those who practice it.

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But, as is frequently the case with those on the political left, they’re indulging in the art of projection, accusing someone else of the very thing they’re guilty of themselves.

For one thing, the word radical means “very different from the usual or traditional, extreme.”  Conservatives are absolutely dead set against anything very different, extreme, or non-traditional.  It’s kinda their reason for existing — Christians even more so, as our morals and values, individual or otherwise, come from an unchanging God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Grassroots Republicans are mostly the same, although big-city Republicans and those in elected office tend to be more of the RINO persuasion and will do anything to avoid being ostracized by the left and their Mafia media lapdogs.

Left Not Right

Any honest person would be forced to admit it’s not those on the right who are involved in radical individualism, but those on the left.  In the Bible, in the Book of Judges, there’s a phrase that is repeated several times and captures perfectly the zeitgeist of the modern left: everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

While most people picture the left as a single entity all moving in lockstep like walking hammers in a Pink Floyd video, the truth is somewhat different.

The left is more like an amoeba.  Although it has boundaries, they’re constantly changing, moving, and adapting.  They’re never the same twice.  It flows over, under, and around everything it encounters, absorbing everything like the science fiction monster in the 1958 movie The Blob.  The left refuses to acknowledge anything good outside itself and insists on forcing everything to join it or die.